Looks like good food. Feels like a good cause.

Looks like good food. Feels like a good cause.

As a global brand with an eco-conscious, we take responsibility for society and our planet. That’s why we want people to enjoy good food-and respect it. One of the biggest issues: food waste. Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is thrown away. European households alone toss 27 million tonnes of food in the rubbish annually. That’s why the fight against food waste begins in home kitchens. As a global, eco-conscious brand, at Grundig we believe people should enjoy good food – and respect it. This means wasting less. Our commitment is reflected in our latest kitchen appliances with innovative technologies. Ones that keep food fresh longer, like FullFresh+ and CustomFresh+. Or FridgeCam, which gives a clear overview of your food stock. So it’s easier to eat what you buy – and to only buy what you will eat. Because for us at Grundig sustainability is about more than just consuming less energy and water. It’s about wasting less – and feeding more.

Food for soul www.foodforsoul.it Food waste is the start, nourishment the destination.
Founded in 2016 by renowned chef Massimo Bottura, Food for Soul is a private, non-profit association dedicated to projects that address the issue of food waste. Its aim: bring dignity to the table of those in need. Working side-by-side with soup kitchens, Bottura and team teach others to transform salvaged food into delicious, healthy meals. But that’s not all. Food for Soul supports the opening of soup kitchens that, through education and community involvement, nourish both body and soul. These inclusive environments may lead people to help each other while enjoying a good meal. Each project is tailored to the needs of the community and the institutions that support it.

The idea for Food for Soul was born after Bottura’s successful project during Expo 2015, ‘Refettorio Ambrosiano’. A soup kitchen for Milan’s citizens in need, the project recovered 15 tonnes of otherwise wasted food within just five months. Now the Food for Soul association wants to involve chefs, designers, artists, architects, food providers, public and private institutions to support its unique mission and embrace the fight against food waste.

Massimo Bottura

Wasting less to feed more. We fully honour the cause.
Grundig is a partner of Food for Soul, a project by Massimo Bottura. With our support, more soup kitchens are set to open their doors across the globe. Food for Soul is also working on a cookbook with no-waste recipes to raise awareness and support the initiative worldwide.

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