Digital Radio

Music 71 DAB+

  • Music 71 DAB+
  • Music 71 DAB+
  • Music 71 DAB+
  • Music 71 DAB+
  • Intuitive operation

    Simply attractive and easy to operate. The devices have been designed for an intuitive operation of all important functions."
  • DAB+

    This new digital radio delivers many different stations, but no background noise. DAB+ never fails to impress with its uninterrupted sound and wide selection of stations."
  • Display LCD iluminable

    Olvidate de tantear en la oscuridad. Con el display iluminable puedes localizar la emisora a primera vista.
  • Intuitive operation

  • DAB+

  • Display LCD iluminable

Digital Radio

You’ll appreciate the benefits of digital radio straight away, especially the reception because there’s no noise and no more crackling. No need to bother searching for a frequency any more because the stations are detected automatically. Even now, you can receive dozens of radio stations on digital radio, and the range is growing all the time. Our Grundig digital radios prime you for the radio of the future, and of course you can carry on listening to FM stations that are not yet broadcasting in the new standard DAB+.

Funciones Especiales
  • Internet radio con v-Tuner


  • Audio streaming (Cliente UPnP y carpetas compartidas)


  • iPhone / iPod docking station


  • Bluetooth


  • Distancia de streaming Bluetooth


Sintonizador / Reloj
  • Recepción DAB+

  • LCD hora / frecuencia


  • Local / DX switch


  • Control automático de frecuencia VHF (AFC)


  • Sintetizador PLL

  • Nombre de emisora en pantalla

  • Identificador del tipo de programa PTY

  • Radio Data System RDS

  • Memorias para emisoras

    10 FM + 10 DAB

  • Rangos


  • Alarma / Snooze / Sleep Timer

Unidad amplificador
  • Potencia senoidal (watts)


  • Potencia de audio (watts)


  • Balance de sonido

  • Control de volumen automático

  • WLAN


  • LAN


  • USB

    (for software update)

  • Line in (AUX)

  • Auriculares estéreo ( clavija 3.5 mm jack)


Fuente de alimentación
  • Fuente de alimentación integrada

  • Voltaje eléctrico (V~)


  • Pilas

    mono cells

  • Voltaje de pilas/batería (V=)

    4 x 1,5

  • Peso (Sin pilas) (aprox. kg)


  • Dimensiones (ancho x alto x profundo) (aprox. cm)

    29,3 x 16,0 x 9,5

Contenido del paquete
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