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At Grundig, we believe in making things better. Grundig is not only a supplier of home electronics. We are much more. We are the brand for people who know what really matters in life. That goes not only for the appliances we manufacture but also the quality of life they provide. It all began 70 years ago, with our first breakthrough – the Heinzelmann radio. We knew we were onto something when we saw how this Grundig radio improved people’s quality of life. Ever since then, we have never stopped working to understand you better and take the hard work out of your daily routine.

From kitchen to bathroom, from cooking and cleaning to relaxing, you can rely on the cutting-edge functionality, timeless design and superior quality of Grundig products. We take pride in our ability to help make home life the good life.

We have grown from being a maker of well-known Grundig radios into one of Europe’s biggest full-range manufacturers of consumer electronics and we have learned a few things along the way. Our goal is to become the most valuable supplier in your life and we achieve that by always looking to make the future a brighter place.

For instance, with our Grundig smart TVs and other connected appliances, as well as forward-looking innovations such as our Virtual User Experience products that project an interface onto the work surface and respond to gestures.

Each and every one of our products is engineered to make some part of your daily routine that much easier and better.

It’s what the FineArts Curved UHD Grundig smart TV does by giving you a cinema experience from the comfort of your own couch, while Divide&Cook gives you more time with the family by letting you prepare two completely different dishes at the same time. It’s the same with MultiSense Technology, which always selects the right wash settings so your favourite jeans stay as good as new.

With Grundig, what you need is what you get – products designed to solve problems, manufactured to the highest German quality standards for reliability and user-friendliness. That’s why we don’t just do new for the sake of novelty. Instead, we start by trying to truly understand what matters to you. The result is convenient functionality and easy operation that help you care for your cherished items. So you see, Grundig products are specially tailored. To daily life.

We want to make each new chapter in technology translate into a new era of carefree living for you.

Introduction to Grundig

Since 1946 Grundig has made modern, high-quality products which make people’s lives better. What began back in 1946 with a radio has now grown into a wide range of products available throughout Europe with a focus on quality and style - you can find other country offerings on www.grundig.de.

Our latest innovation is a new range of high quality, award winning stylish home appliances available now in South Africa. Grundig home appliances come with a 5 year warranty as standard to reflect our trust in the German design and reliability of our range.

German Heritage

Grundig is a brand with German heritage and is not only innovative and efficient, but also manufactures goods that are reliable and sustainably good for the environment. At its essence Grundig creates products that add joy to your life by helping you get the most out of important things in life. It is in this way that we are continuing to evolve while remaining faithful to our range of products – designed with you in mind.

Eco Champ Proposition

Imagine and think ahead. Whether it’s cooling, cooking, dish washing, washing or drying clothes; do it with a feeling of ease and inner well-being. Grundig Eco Champ products are elegantly designed appliances that come with first class energy efficiency and innovative technology.

Grundig: Making life better for over 70 years!

Grundig has a long history of quality, innovation and style that has kept the company at the forefront of consumer electronics and home appliances in Europe for over 70 years.

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Grundig: Making life better for over 70 years!


The full range of Grundig products.

Quality, innovation and style with the full range of Grundig products.


Grundig quality standards make life better for you!

Grundig home appliances and consumer electronics are manufactured to the highest quality standards for reliability and user friendliness.

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Grundig quality standards make life better for you!

Grundig’s wide range of innovative products and appliances all have one thing in common – outstanding quality. Quality is no accident. It’s the result of rigorous testing at every link in the chain, from conception through production and beyond. Circuit boards or screws – every component and part in every Grundig TV and Grundig radio must prove its mettle.

In fact, we’re so confident that once we’re done with it a Grundig appliance will pass the ultimate test – everyday use in your home – that we give you more than just a promise.

Our premium domestic appliances are designed, tested and engineered to give high standards of performance for many years. Whether you are looking for a washing machine or a radio Grundig offers quality that is a feast for every one of your senses.

For instance, with selected Inverter EcoMotors, you only have to listen closely and you’ll understand why we were the first supplier to receive certification for our products’ exceptional sound quality in 2015. That’s because our home appliances are not just quiet. Every click of a button on a Grundig TV and every hum of a wash or spin cycle on a Grundig washing machine is designed to be music to your ears.

So it comes as no surprise that SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, a major testing and accreditation organisation, has awarded Grundig its top A grade. We feel very honoured by that. And we’re sure your ears will, too. Because a product that does the job is only halfway to earning its Grundig badge. It still has to meet our German quality standards for reliability and user-friendliness as well as our benchmarks for innovativeness. Once a product ticks all those boxes, we know it’s got what it takes to make your life a little better.

From kitchen to bathroom, from cooking and cleaning to relaxing, you can rely on our products’ practical functions, timeless design and superior quality. That’s why we go on developing state-of-the-art Grundig consumer electronics, small domestic and large household appliances of the highest standard. And why we never stop researching, thinking and reinventing ourselves. To provide the reliable quality appliances that make your home, and your life, better.

Grundig cares about nature - and you!

Grundig designs high quality products with the highest energy conservation standards.

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Grundig cares about nature - and you!

At Grundig, we care – for nature and for you. That means we see it as our responsibility to develop sustainable appliances that don’t skimp on creature comforts. We pull off this balancing act by designing high quality products that adhere to the highest energy conservation standards, reducing energy and water consumption to a minimum.

Grundig’s large household appliances with optimum energy efficiency don’t just protect the environment – they also save you money. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Grundig has the right devices to help you reduce your ecological footprint thanks to their outstanding energy efficiency rating, achieved using intelligent technologies.

A prime example is our new sustainability hero – the EcoChamp 5.5 L dishwasher. Thanks to its innovative energy saving technology, it not only saves up to 2,600 litres of water every year compared to conventional 15-litre dishwashers but has also received an A++ energy efficiency rating.

All are ranked in the highest energy efficiency classes in their product categories (sometimes outperforming those classes). Whether for laundry, refrigeration, washing dishes, cooking or baking, Grundig’s energy efficient appliances offer the perfect green solution.

Choosing your household appliances wisely is an important part of reducing your energy consumption. The right energy saving appliances can help you take control of your impact on the environment and your bills.

So you see there’s a lot more in our nature than just energy efficiency. And there’s a lot more energy conservation innovation to come from Grundig.

Grundig worldwide

Our roots are in Germany but our outlook is international. Grundig has 1,600 employees working in more than 65 countries.


Here you will find information for the press and media outlets about Grundig home appliances and the latest news about Grundig and its products.

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