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    Best Quality Larder Fridge Freezer Selection from Grundig

    Larder fridges & freezers from Grundig combine stylish design with top-quality German technology. Innovative cooling solutions make sure all your refrigiration needs are met while providing top of the range energy efficiency. Cleverly engineered features provide easy of use and peace of mind. Browse Grundig's range of freestanding larder fridges and freezers to find the best solution for your home.

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    Ion Fresh Technology - Cleans the air before it cleans the dishes.

    Say goodbye to unpleasant odours in your dishwasher. IonFresh Technology releases negative ions that circulate inside the machine, neutralising bad odours even while you wait to accumulate a full load. The upshot is that you save the time and energy wasted on incomplete loads and your dishwasher always comes up smelling sweet. No harmful gases or chemicals are involved so there’s no reason to turn up your nose at the smell – or the impact on the environment.

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    Serving perfectly clean dishes for dinner.

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