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    High-End Laundry Appliances from Grundig

    Grundig's best laundry appliance selection will ensure you will be looking forward to laundry day. Highly programmable, durable and beautifully designed side loader washing machines from Grundig's state-of-the-art range are easy to operate and guaranteed to leave your clothes spotless and fresh. Have a browse through Grundig's product range to get more information and compare item specifications to find the perfect item for your household. 

    Grundig Washing Machine Range:

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    Grundig range has a distinct fashion sense. just like you.

    The advanced technology in Grundig washing machines is exemplified by the MultiSense automatic programme that adjusts virtually every setting all by itself. It chooses the best temperature, the best wash cycle length, the number of rinses and even the spin speed. Special sensors in the system monitor the temperature, motor speed and voltage. The fabric sensor identifies the fabrics that clothing is made of by checking their typical water absorption. The load sensor identifies the quantity of laundry and automatically recommends the right amount of detergent. The water quantity sensor decides how much water is needed for the wash cycle. The steam sensor reduces creasing and removes unpleasant odours from the clothes. And the rinse sensor measures the purity of the water, ensuring that all detergent is completely rinsed out of your laundry.

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