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    Best Quality Washer Dryers from Grundig for your home

    Grundig's high quality combined washer dryers are among the best on the market. Combining ageless design and robust technology, Grundig washer-dryers are a true space-saving one-stop-shop for all your laundry needs. Energy-efficiency, great programme options and extensive capacity are just some of the features that set Grundig laundry products apart from competition. 

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    Eco Champ - the only thing more economical is a clothesline.

    Exceptionally thrifty tumble dryers have an energy rating of A+++. The GTN 48271 GC goes one better, using a further 10% less energy than such appliances. Quite the energy coup. How did we do it? Unlike conventional motors that rotate with the help of brushes to generate power, the Inverter EcoMotor features magnet drive technology. This reduces friction and lowers energy consumption. What’s more, the controls on the variable-speed motor ensure that clothes are dried as gently as if they were on a clothesline. Only this is a whole lot more convenient and efficient.

    Restaurant Qualiy Right In Your Kitchen.

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    Download our new Home Appliances product catalogue for more best quality appliances

    You can find detailed information about the Grundig Home Appliances 2021 in our product catalogue Home Appliances, which you can download here as a PDF file.

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