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Vitamin Care Zone

Storing fresh produce in the special VitaminCare Zone inside the Grundig Side by Side refrigerators is a bit like returning it to the field. That’s because built-in blue light technology simulates natural lighting conditions so that the amount of vitamin C in red vegetables and fruit is especially preserved.

Furthermore, the overall vitamin level in your healthy food is boosted, helping to keep it fresh and the goodness locked in. Think of the VitaminCare Zone as a time machine that simply retains your food’s natural offthe-stalk freshness and appearance. You’ll see the benefits in the reduction in waste and shopping trips – not to mention the savings.

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HotAero Pro Technology

Standard ovens have difficulty in distributing the heat evenly. That’s why some parts of your dish are undercooked, while some parts might get burnt and that dish ends up at the rubbish bin. Thanks to HotAero Pro technology , no burnt corners or uncooked centers. HotAero Pro ensures perfect hot air distribution with the the help of the new fan system and redesigned oven interior. New Grundig Built-in Ovens guarantee even cooking results every single time and that helps you to respect every bit of food at most.

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Self-cleaning Filter

Standard filters need to be cleaned once a week. The special self-cleaning system in Grundig dishwashers extend the filter cleaning interval to as much as 12 months.

By regularly rinsing out the inner area of the filter, it removes residual food and thus stops the build-up of odours. In addition, it ensures that the cleaning results remain consistently high – because dirty filters affect the machine’s cleaning capacity far more than you think. But perfect hygiene can be so simple – with Grundig’s self-cleaning filter.

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PET TUB Technology

Washing Machines with parts made of recycled plastic. Beauty is not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Beauty means something different to everyone. It is elegance on the outside and kindness on the inside. An electrical appliance with components made of recycled plastic - here is an example of beauty! With care for your clothes and at the same time for the planet\'s resources, the tub* of each washing machine and washer-dryer in the Pet Tub range is made from recycled plastic bottles. Because unethical aesthetics bypasses beauty. We have a long way to go, but we know where to start.

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