World’s 1st Integrated Microfiber Filter

Grundig washing machines with FiberCatcher technology catch up to 90% of microfibers during synthetic wash cycles


Breaking the microplastic cycle starts at home


The drum of a Grundig FiberCatcher Washing Machine

Laundry cycles breaking the microplastic cycle

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Phase 1Into the water

Every time we wash our clothes, tiny microfibers can end up in our food chain. These microfibers can find their way into oceans causing significant environmental damage.

Phase 2Marine life

Tiny, almost invisible particles go from synthetic clothes into the water. Water that goes into the marine life.

Phase 3Our food

So when the cycle ends, we have microplastics on our table. But we can stop that cycle. We have created a new washing machine with a built-in microfiber filter that with each synthetic cycle, helps to stop this microplastic cycle.

How much of a difference can a Grundig FiberCatcher filter make in synthetic wash cycles?

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With FiberCatcher
Water pollution during a synthetic wash cycle, not a true representation. VDE tested. Reduction of drain water pollution with microfibers: 90% pollution reduction.
A Grundig Washing machine with FiberCatcher

Synthetic Wash Cycles

FiberCatcher technology is only activated on synthetic wash programmes - Synthetics, Shirts, Sports along with selected programmes available to download from the HomeWhiz app. This ensures that only synthetic microfibers – that are currently the biggest concern for the environment – are filtered out and prevented from entering our precious waterways and oceans.

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A plate of food made from plastics

Keeping our food clean

up to

of microfibers are filtered from ending up in our food cycle.

A plate of food made from plastics

Using recycled materials


of the FiberCatcher filter is made of recycled materials.

Prevent your clothes from damage with Grundig WaterCare®technology

By replacing vigorous drum movements with a jet of water and detergent that cascades in from the top of the drum, our WaterCare® technology ensures a quicker, gentler wash cycle for your garments; without sacrificing wash performance. WaterCare® also reduces the number of harmful microfibers that are released, helping to protect our water sources.

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Grundig Washing Machines with FiberCatcher Technology

A GW78941FG Grundig FiberCatcher 9kg washing machine

GRUNDIG FiberCatcher
9 kg Washing Machine

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A GW781041FW Grundig FiberCatcher 10kg washing machine

GRUNDIG FiberCatcher
10 kg Washing Machine

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Grundig FiberCatcherfilter

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* No Plastic in Nature (2019) for WWF by Dalberg and University of Newcastle, Australia. An average person could be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic every week.

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