First Alexa Built-In
TV from Grundig

The Grundig Fire TV Edition represents the smartest tv for your smart home. Get rid of that satellite – Grundig Fire TV Edition is here to help you watch films, discover new tv series, check out a load of channels and apps, and more – all by just telling Alexa what you want and Alexa will do the rest.


You can access variety of content via Netflix, Prime Video, ProSieben and more. Not having a satellite is not a problem anymore. Watch live television, news and sports with subscriptions from vendors like DAZN, and Zattoo.

It's easy to discover new things and find what to watch next with the recommendations based on your viewing habits, delivered to your home screen.

With a Grundig Fire TV Edition,
Your Voice has the Power.

Enhanced intuition: Amazon Alexa
Enhanced operating comfort: Alexa hands-free voice control

Access to a vast universe of entertainment has never been simpler.Start and control content using only your voice!

With Amazon’s Alexa voice control integrated into your remote control, your smart TV becomes the control centre of your smart home.

With our world’s first Fire TV Edition Smart TV with hands-free voice control, the ease of operation even goes a step further.

Thanks to far-field technology, you can control your tv with the Alexa hands-free voice control even without a remote control. Amazon Alexa can even understand you from the other side of the room.

Near field voice controlNear field voice controlFar field voice control**Available for GOB 9000 OLED - Fire TV Edition HF Far field voice control*

This is not just another TV.
It’s a window to the outside world.

With the power of Alexa, Grundig Fire TV is more than a television. It is a smart window to the world which you can activate with just your voice.

Use the Voice Remote with Alexa to ask for the sports scores, and the latest news or any incoming meeting. Alexa can also control compatible smart home devices such as thermostats, switches and more.

In addition to easy browsing and discovering new content, it is also possible to use your voice to control live TV playback, launch apps, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices and much more.

Want to order a pizza? Check the weather? Dim the family room lights? Display live images from your camera on your tv? Just tell Alexa.

Image Brilliance

The fact that OLED TVs produce a clearer white and significantly better black values than LEDs has an attractive side-effect: even in the shadowy and dark areas of the picture, the details can be clearly identified, and less illuminated segments are not simply swallowed.

The same effect can also be seen in light parts of the picture – you can see all details here, too, without fading. OLED’s spectrum of brightness graduations comes extremely close to human perception, which makes the OLED images seem so lifelike, fresh and realistic, so full of energy – even though OLED is also a more energy- saving technology.

OLED technology provides:

  • Infinite contrast
  • Perfect black values
  • Expanded color spaces
  • Exceptional clarity

    Sharpness and clarity.

    You will know the technological principle from New Year’s Eve celebrations: fireworks are most effective against a dark night sky. Similarly, the incomparably sharp contrasts and brilliance of the images on your OLED TV are set off against the absolute black levels which its technology enables by turning off pixels.

    Each individual colour blossoms in unimagined sharpness and clarity; the colour spectrum is purer and more glowing than ever before.


    When pictures
    learned to shine.

    With Multi Colour Enrichment, we’ve unleashed the colour palette. Self-luminous pixels ensure a breathtaking firework of colours and a precision of detail which you otherwise only find in real life.

    Multi color onMulti color off


    UHD+ technology – Razor-sharp pictures redefining vision.

    Imagine pictures with a fourfold higher image resolution than Full HD and prepare yourself for a superlative television.

    With an overwhelming image resolution of 8,294,400 Pixels (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) up to 2000 Video Perfection Index and an almost endless number of colors, the images become as sharp and detailed as never before with Ultra High Definition.

    4K 3.840 X 2.160
    Full HD 1.920 X 1.080
    • You’ll feel like you’re part of the action.
    • Even from a short distance, the display appears incredibly vivid and clear.
    • Brilliant contrasts and maximum sharpness of movement for an outstanding viewing experience.
    • Full HD contents are also upscaled to 4K and have brilliant picture quality.

    stands for more
    brightness and

    HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the standard for better image quality, since HDR produces finer details, lifelike colours and stronger contrasts.

    Our Grundig UHD TVs with HDR 10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) support two common formats, so you’ll be prepared for every life and viewing situation.

    HDR offHDR on

    Seeing things
    as they really look

    For all film-lovers, Dolby Vision makes a dream come true: because the image optimisation developed for High Dynamic Range (HDR) brings images to your living room just as they are in nature. The contrast and saturation are continually adjusted for each individual image, giving you the most faithful image at every moment. That’s why Dolby Vision is also referred to as dynamic HDR.

    Dolby vision onDolby vision off


    A gift for our

    Our innovative sound systems have the same quality and intensity as our images. You can experience 3-way stereo sound system, with speakers projecting forwards, backwards and downwards, distributes the sound throughout the entire room. You will be virtually pulled into the action by the spatial sound experience. Our sound systems add a crucial dimension to your televisionexperience.

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