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FullFresh+ Technology

Our favourite greens? Those that stay fresh.

A Grundig FullFresh+ Side by Side refrigerator is the new place to be for your healthy favourites: A cons­tant temperature and high humidity level in the crisper drawer are preserved by cool air coming out of small ventilation holes. To simultaneously minimise condensation and improve airflow, the specially designed drawer top features small apertures. These ensure ideal conditions inside the compartment for fruit and vegetables. As your produce won’t dry out, it stays naturally delicious and farm-fresh for up to three times longer. In short, you’ll have less waste, less shopping and always a good feeling. Because you can be sure your favourite fruit and vegetables are in a safe place – patiently waiting for you to enjoy them.

VitaminCare Zone

Protects what protects you: vitamins

Storing fresh produce in the special VitaminCare Zone inside the Grundig Side by Side refrigerators is a bit like returning it to the field. That’s because built-in blue light technology simulates natural lighting conditions so that the amount of vitamin C in red vegetables and fruit is especially preserved. Furthermore, the overall vitamin level in your healthy food is boosted, helping to keep it fresh and the goodness locked in. Think of the VitaminCare Zone as a time machine that simply retains your food’s natural off-the-stalk freshness and appearance. You’ll see the benefits in the reduction in waste and shopping trips – not to mention the savings.

Ion Fresh Technology

Freshly harvested by our development department

To prevent unpleasant odours and bacteria, Grundig relies on tiny helpers called ions. IonFresh Technology produces these naturally occurring particles, which can be found in high concentrations near waterfalls or in forests. Often referred to as the “vitamins of the air”, they destroy bacteria and odour molecules before being expelled when the refrigerator defrosts. As a result, you can breathe easy whenever you open the fridge, knowing the air is clean and your food will stay fresh for longer.

Negative ions are capturing positive ones. This manages to reliably clean the air in the fridge from odours and bacteria.

Eco Champ

We put all of our energy into this fridge, so you can save yours

The new variable-speed Inverter EcoCompressor inside the Grundig Side by Side models helps to lower energy consumption by up to 25%* while also keeping noise levels down. Even so, it’s quite the cold storage powerhouse. High compressor speeds make for quick freezing and improved temperature stability ensures that food keeps fresh for longer. When paired with our Duo-Cooling No Frost Technology, increased humidity levels in the fridge prevent food from drying out and prolong its life. What’s more, the frost-free function reliably stops that icy crust from forming, so you don’t have to defrost any more. Apart from saving you a lot of work, this fridge also saves on energy costs.



By maintaining the temperature just above freezing point, humidity is kept at an optimum level. Meat, fish and dairy products will retain their full flavour, fresh appearance and nutritional benefits for a longer period of time.

Duo-Cooling No Frost Technology

The multi-directional air flow system prevents icing and ensures automatic defrosting.


Anti Noise

Specially designed sound-insulating components together with flow-noise regulators help keep the fridge whisper quiet even as it cools down.

LED Illumination

White LED lights provide more attractive fridge lighting that is also cleaner and more efficient.

Holiday Mode

When you go on holiday, you can put the fresh food compartment on standby to reduce energy consumption. The temperature will be kept at 15°C or lower while the freezer keeps running.


Anti-Odour Filter

A special photocatalytic carbon filter eliminates bacteria and maintains consistently high hygiene by preventing bacteria build-up and fridge odours.

Antibacterial Seal

In order to guarantee maximum hygiene inside the refrigerator, the door gaskets are coated with an antibacterial seal that eliminates bacteria.

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