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Immensa TV

The best experience
for eyes and ears
in its class.

Treat yourself to the best. Listen to matches, movies and more in brilliant room-filling sound, with a 3-way active stereo speaker. Watch as vivid, natural colors pop and the image contrast gets finer and black deeper – right before your eyes. You’ll quickly see and hear: this is television on a whole new level.

UHD+ Technology

UHD+ technology –
Razor-sharp pictures
redefining vision.

Imagine pictures with a fourfold higher image resolution than Full HD and prepare yourself for a superlative television.

With an overwhelming image resolution of 8,294,400 Pixels (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) up to 2000 Video Perfection Index and an almost endless number of colors, the images become as sharp and detailed as never before with Ultra High Definition.

4K 3.840 X 2.160
Full HD 1.920 X 1.080
  • You’ll feel like you’re part of the action.
  • Even from a short distance, the display appears incredibly vivid and clear.
  • Brilliant contrasts and maximum sharpness of movement for an outstanding viewing experience.
  • Full HD contents are also upscaled to 4K and have brilliant picture quality.
3D Sound

When music
becomes emotion

Backwards, downwards, forwards: one-of-a-kind sound for the whole room As well as its refined design, the aluminium TV also features superior sound performance quality. The secret is in the three-way stereo sound system with special sound box design including 8 speakers.

This sophisticated system distributes the sound through speakers that project sound forwards, downwards and backwards to separate different sound frequencies for getting a more clear surround sound. What is more, the DTS 2.0 + Digital Out + DTS Studio Sound provides the perfect sound experience to enhance the on-screen action. That makes the Grundig Immensa Vision 9 UHD the first choice not only when it comes to high-resolution picture quality, but also for sound.

    High dynamic range (HDR)

    stands for more
    brightness and

    With HDR, you move one step beyond the reality, that a human eye can normally perceive, and can enjoy a “realistic” and “fantastic” picture quality.

    This is “the best” until we do it better.

    HDR offHDR on

    Multi color enrichment

    Are the colors that
    you see not “good
    enough” for you?

    If so, welcome to the fascinated World of “Grundig Multi Color Enrichment”! In this World, red is more red, green is more green. You can enjoy more brilliant colors and more contrast. This technology simply widens the color space of Grundig TVs.

    Multi color onMulti color off

    Immensa TV

    The brilliance
    of pictures makes
    the experience

    New technologies for brilliant viewing pleasure. In addition to Ultra HD technology, a range of technologies and features such as the High Dynamic Range, Multi Color Enrichment and Grundig Micro Dimming Engine ensure the picture quality is the very best.

    Experience even more intensive colors, increased sharpness and richer contrasts. A new era of viewing experience has begun.

    GRUNDIG micro dimming engine

    Contrast creates

    The new generation of Grundig TVs with the Grundig Micro Dimming Engine optimize the contrast independently. Grundig Micro Dimming Engine determines which parts or areas of the picture are darker and which are lighter. When doing so, the entire display is divided into 600 blocks.

    All blocks are individually checked and the optimal black level is determined for each pixel. This creates a better picture with noticeably clearer contrast, better brightness and greater picture sharpness.


    Metal slim design

    Thanks to its high-quality frameless design, the new Ultra-HD TV is more than just an attractive device – with its centred aluminium stand and a stylish rear panel structure, it is a real design classic for the home.

    Cloud Gaming

    Cloud gaming
    is fully up to date
    and also available

    Cloud gaming is fully up to date and also available – with this practical app you can simply download and play a variety of games.

    Easy login

    Grundig Easy Login now provides you with even faster access to all social networks.

    Fan Cloud

    Select your favourite clubs, and pop-ups provide you with all the highlights in real time.

    My TV Cloud

    Just access to your personel cloud from your TV via My TV Cloud and play your own multimedia files anytime.


    Faster entertaining
    and a range of new
    ways of interaction.

    Ultralogic 4k adds even more action to the SMART inter@ctive TV. With the new Ultralogic 4k platform, the TV responds even more quickly to all entries. Changing channels as well as using all the apps and online functions is even faster.

    More features

    Grundig Remote

    You can control your TV via Smart Remote App of Grundig as well. You can do everything what you could do with the normal remote control. The “Grundig Smart Remote App” is available in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

    Sound Perfection Rate

    Following a standardised evaluation method, the Sound Perfection Rate (SPR) concept takes into account all criteria that are important for the sound quality of a television.

    Snap N Store

    With Snap N Store feature take a screenshot of the TV, save it into your USB memory or share it on the social media.

    Comfort Mode

    Use your TV in Comfort Mode which has simpler home screen and settings menu.

    Easy Help

    Consumers are able to get an interactive assistance for functions and features when they need help.

    My Video Screen

    Watch all videos you shared from your social media accounts on your TV!

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