Blessed with a large kitchen? Find the best kitchen solutions for your space

Sure, not everyone has the luxury of space when it comes to kitchens. But what if you do? So many home activities revolve around the kitchen – from cooking, cleaning, eating and socialising – if you have the space for it, why not take full advantage?

Planning a large kitchen space if often just as tricky as planning a small kitchen – luckily we have compiled 3 solutions to help you make the most of your space and avoid any awkward kitchen layout mistakes.

Choosing the Best Layout

Selecting a layout for your big kitchen is likely the most important part of the entire kitchen design process. It’s the layout – not colour, style or design details – that determines how you will prepare food, eat and socialise in your space. At its core, the layout dictates the placement of appliances, the sink, the cabinets, the worktops, the windows and doors, and kitchen furniture. If you’re building a brand spanking new kitchen, you are in the fortunate position of choosing your layout based on your needs and desires. If you’re renovating, it’s likely you’re stuck with the layout – as is.

The most suitable layouts for large kitchens include the U-Shape and Island Layout, G-Shaped Layout and L-Shape and Island Layout. Any of these are perfectly suited to big spaces to accommodate large groups of family or friends.

U-Shape and Island Layout – “The Social Kitchen Layout”

With the addition of an island to a U-shaped layout, you can increase both your kitchen’s functionality and interactivity, making it a great kitchen solution. Islands are wonderfully multifunctional surfaces, so you can use it as a prep area, cooking surface and eating area. It allows you to face outward and have conversation with your guests – and keep an eye on children if you need to. And because of the full U-shape behind you, there’s an abundance of storage space and extra surfaces for appliances etc.

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G-Shaped Layout – “The Space-saver Layout”

The G-shaped kitchen layout is essentially a jacked-up version of the U-shaped layout. It’s the perfect choice if you need kitchen island functionality, but with one continuous stretch of counter space. This layout also allows you to pack a whole lot of kitchen into your space. It’s the perfect solution for families with kids, as the attached ‘island’ can easily be used as a breakfast bar or snack area.

L-Shape and Island Layout – “The Flexible Layout”

For more flexibility in cooking, entertaining and hanging out, an L-shaped kitchen with an island is the perfect option. This layout lends itself to a zoned approach to kitchen planning rather than the more traditional work triangle approach. It’s also a lot more ‘open’ than any other layout, allowing you to move more freely, and incorporate more than one cook in the kitchen, without feeling to cramped. So if you like to outsource kitchen duties, the L-shape and island layout is for you.

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