Here’s how to make the most of your kitchen counters

Countertops take up a significant amount of visual space in your kitchen. So if your tops are an eyesore, they’re really hard to hide. No amount of rearranging or placing of huge plants will be able to hide the truth beneath.

If you’re tired of looking at your countertops, but don’t have the budget to rip them out and replace them – you’ve landed on the right spot. There are numerous opportunities to turn drab surfaces into eye-popping highlights with a few cheeky DIY kitchen counter hacks. Maybe these ideas can serve you well while you save up for the remodel of your dreams. Or you might find you like them so much, you keep your new counters indefinitely.

To transform your counters, you first need to inspect what you’re working with. Your ability to create something new will largely be dictated by what material you have at the moment. Here’s how you can customise your counters:


One surprising counter material is chalkboard paint. While this substance is a known commodity in many DIYers kitchens, not many are aware of it’s power when used on kitchen counters. When applied onto wooden surfaces with a rough sponge roller, the result resembles beautiful soapstone. Simply seal the paint with a hardwearing wax or varnish to lock in the look.


Concrete kitchen countertops have been a thing for a while. But getting real concrete can be quite expensive at best, and a disaster to install at worst. Skip the inconvenience completely by opting for a faux concrete treatment. There are many options out there, so a little research will go a long way. Most of these applications are made of real concrete, so the look is authentic without the hassle. Look around for high quality sealants and top coats to get the most out of your new counters for years to come.


Marble has been a kitchen design go-to since the dawn of time – and the price has too. Luckily manufacturers have devised an assortment of genius paint kits that mimics the look of quality marble perfectly. You can achieve a super convincing marble effect by purchasing any one of the premium options on the market. While the look won’t hold as long as the original, your budget will look a lot better after completing your renovation.


The close cousin of marble, granite, is another material that’s achievable without ordering the real mccoy. Faux granite is also available as a paint, and can look surprisingly real even on close inspection. There are of course limitations when opting for a cheaper alternative. You won’t be able to cut directly on the surface as you would with real granite – and applying the paint without causing bubbles can be tricky. But as a temporary alternative to customise your kitchen counters? Rock solid idea.