Innovation in the kitchens is stronger than ever before

Contemporary kitchens are in the midst of a revolution. Sustainability is in, wastefulness is out. Innovative appliances are fundamentally changing the way we consider and prepare food. From smart new features to better design and eco consciousness – modern kitchens in 2017 have seen a huge shift in how food has been prepared in the past. When groundbreaking changes in our lifestyles happen, changes in kitchen appliances won’t be far behind. Let’s have a look at what the interesting changes in appliances have been so far in 2017.

Touch Controlled Hobs

One of the most popular trends picking up steam, is the integration of Touch-and-Swipe Controls in kitchen appliances. With people so accustomed to smartphones, tablets and personal computers already using these technologies – it seems only natural that consumer electronic should follow suit.

Induction cooking, which heats via electromagnetic field instead of radiant heat, is becoming hugely popular because of its speed and ability to fine-tune heat. Cook tops like the Grundig Flexismart Induction Hob now uses intuitive touch controls to make the connection between the user and the appliance even more effective. It’s anything but a gimmick, interest in former “must-have” cook tops seems to be fading. So this trend will only gain more traction as time goes by.

When it comes to high-tech kitchen technology, not much beats this touch-free interactive hob including BabyWatch Webcam. (c)

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are a thing. These nifty appliances, as the name suggests, use steam technology to cook food quicker than conventional oven. The cooking process helps food retain its nutrients and flavour – similar to the difference when steaming vegetables vs. boiling. The Grundig CombiSteam Oven combines steam and convection modes with a series of pre-set programmed recipes. Simply put the food in, and let the oven decide which cooking mode to apply, to get a perfectly cooked result. Think about your busy lifestyle, and what a potential time-saver this could be. Ovens are becoming more and more intuitive. The Grundig Gourmet Chef Oven even recognises the food being cooked, and can precisely control the temperature to prevent overcooking It’s cooking on a dish-by-dish basis – while keeping all the valuable vitamins and minerals locked in.

© Grundig

Fridges with Specialised Storage Zones

The days of storing your greens in a fridge single drawer are long gone. Modern innovation and research has turned cold storage zones into a fine art. Grundig’s FullFresh+ Side by Side refrigerator, for example, simultaneously minimises condensation and improves airflow in the fridge with a specially-designed drawer top with small apertures. These ensure ideal conditions inside the compartment for fruit and vegetables. As your produce won’t dry out, it stays naturally delicious and farm-fresh for up to three times longer. It’s the kind of trend that makes it easy to select the perfect refrigerator for your home.

Synched Appliances

Bluetooth technology is completely changing the way we use kitchen appliances. Innovations like Grundig’s HomeWhiz® app allows you to control your washing machine and tumble dryer from a tablet, phone or Smart TV. That means you can remotely monitor your laundry and ensure that your garments are cleaned to your requirements. You can monitor the progress of your laundry batch, change the programme in use, and switch to the anti-crease function remotely. You can even receive alerts if the water tank needs to be emptied or door needs to be closed. HomeWhiz® also works behind the scenes with other connected appliances including dishwashers, ovens and more. Simply put: it’s the future, today.