Make sure your dream isn’t a nightmare to tidy

The kitchen is the most used room in the home, so it’s no wonder it gets untidy the quickest. Unless dust, stains and clutter are kept in check, they can easily take over. That’s why it’s important to consider cleanliness when designing a kitchen. It’s an overlooked area and there are common design mistakes that make cleaning a challenge.

To keep your kitchen clean, however, you don’t have to resort to a stainless steel space with a drain in the floor. Simplicity and streamlining are often enough to keep kitchen life tidy and organised. Here are some of the most common design mistakes that make cleaning a kitchen difficult. Heed them and keep your kitchen spotless long term.

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Mistake 1: You installed lots of shiny surfaces

High-gloss kitchens look great on design blogs and in architectural magazines. They are, however, a challenge to maintain in real life. Aside from being easy to wipe down, stainless steel, mirrors and lacquered finishes show off smudges and fingerprints. Consider going matte with large surfaces, or opt for burnished and brushed finishes.

If you have already outfitted your kitchen with high-shine materials, keep surfaces clean with a streak-free glass cleaner, or simple soap and warm water.

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Mistake 2: Your commitment to open storage is waning

Open cabinets and storage have been trending for a while now, but they’re not for everyone. Families and busy workers in particular. If you are considering open storage and cabinets think about your lifestyle first. Do you like everything in its place? Are you vigilant about putting away ingredients as soon as you use them? If you answer “no” to either think twice about open storage.

When open storage is in place, you can keep them in good order with minimal effort. First, store packaged products outside of eye-level or in the periphery. Put dry goods in matching glass jars. Pack loose items in sleek boxes. Finally, use your open storage for decorative dishes and keep more practical items stowed away.

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Mistake 3: So many seams and gaps

Once upon a time, traditional cabinets and tile countertops may have seemed like lovely design choices. Now, they’re a horror story. Stained or filled with inaccessible dirt and dust. The more seams and gaps a kitchen has, the more opportunity dust has to make itself at home.

To minimize the chance of seams and gaps gaining grit, select frameless cabinets and have a professional install stone or laminate countertops. Use an under mount kitchen sink with an edgeless drain to allow water and food to slip by. Gaps may be unavoidable with tile, but a darker grout hides stains.

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Mistake 4: Your kitchen is stocked with ornate details and knick-knacks

Even if minimalism isn’t your thing, you have to admit, the kitchens are easy to keep clean. Ornate details on dining furniture, textured surfaces and lots of accessories and textiles attract dust and even grease. They require much more than a wipe down to keep clean. If your kitchen is multipurpose – with a computer station or child’s play area, it’s even more difficult to maintain a tidy appearance.

To avoid a dust trap, keep the design simple. You don’t have to go minimalist. Mid-century modern and Shaker kitchens are both traditional, yet simple, design styles. If your space is multipurpose, keep items that create clutter in creative storage solutions. Or, you could consider a clear out. Minimal living is more pervasive than ever. Have a friend help you figure out which items are keepers and which can be passed onto someone else.

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Mistake 5: Your cleaning supplies are a world away

In this busy day and age, maintaining a kitchen’s cleanliness is harder than ever before. Storing your cleaning supplies in another area of your home doesn’t make life any easier. Let’s face it; if your broom is in the basement you’re not going to be super eager to sweep up after dinner.

If you’re in the midst of a kitchen redesign, create ample storage space with cleaning supplies in mind. A storage closet or pantry with space for a broom and cleaning products is the ideal. Though, a drawer will suffice in a smaller kitchen. If your space is small, keep a few products at hand. A multi-surface spray, sponge, and hand broom with a dustpan are a great start. Having them within reach makes maintenance cleaning much more appealing.

Want to make cleaning your kitchen even easier? Invest in professional cleaning services.