You’ve tried clearing away clutter, putting everything into cupboards and drawers, but there simply isn’t enough counter space

Counter space is always indispensable in any kitchen, and not having enough can be extremely frustrating. But there’s more ways to maximise your counter space than to install new counters. No matter what size your kitchen is, read on to find out 5 seriously good ways to gain extra counter space.

Use space above cabinets

A lot of the time, things that clutter your counters can be stored on top of your wall cabinets. If you’re not using something every day, put it on top of your cabinets. Put any decorative ornaments that were once on your counter, on there too – so you can keep your kitchen looking pretty but with more counter space. Depending on what you put, it might also add some height to your kitchen, which makes it look a lot bigger than it is.

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Transform your hob into a counter with covers

Burner covers not only keep your hob clean when you’re not using it, but they are an easy way for gaining that counter space you’re looking for. They can be wood, metal or glass, so you can choose whatever fits the rest of your kitchen design. You can also make your own burner cover, if you don’t want to buy one. Create your own trashchute if you need some counter space for chopping fruit and vegetables. That way, you can put the peelings straight into the bin, whilst saving on counter space that can be used for something else.

Make the most of your wall space

Elevate the clutter, and elevate your counter space. Building shelves on backsplashes and walls allow you to store everything you need, in easy reach. Use a traditional shelf, or go for magnetic boards which can hold your spices. Magnetic boards can also hold those knives in place, meaning you can save the space of a knife block on your countertop. If you don’t want to commit to either of those, how about hanging small baskets? They can hold all of the small things that clutter your countertops.

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Use windowsills for storage

Recipe books, canisters, and fresh herbs can all be stored on your windowsills. These tend to take up a lot of space on counters, even if they’re not being used all of the time. Get some sun on those fresh herbs, and let your canisters and recipe books stay clean and stain free on the windowsill.

Make your own kitchen island

This might seem like an extreme measure, but kitchen islands can provide the counter space that you really need. You don’t need to make a solid one; you can use some trestle legs and a counter top so it’s easily movable. If you don’t want to create a kitchen island, a movable island extension on wheels can be shuffled around to fit on the end of your counters, and it can be used as storage when you don’t need it.

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Counter space is super important, no matter the size of your kitchen. Other than keeping surfaces clutter-free, good organisation is equally important. For more design tips, tricks and ideas, head here.