Conceal your appliances until you need them

Kitchen appliances are wonderful gadgets. They’re multitasking little helpers purposely designed to make our lives in the kitchen easier. But they also have a habit of making a nuisance of themselves when not in use. The microwave, the stand-mixer, the coffee machine, the blender your got for Christmas; it’s like living with the cast of a movie in which clutter is the evil villain.

Things don’t have to be that way though.

If you don’t like counter clutter, and don’t enjoy lugging gadgets out to use them, it’s time to find a way to integrate the devices your use frequently in a discreet and functional way. Let’t take a look at some super smart ways to hide your kitchen appliances.

Built-In Fridge & Freezer

Yes, it might seem obvious, but the appliances taking up the most real estate in your kitchen can simply be built in and hidden from sight. An entire fridge and freezer unit can disappear behind a covering that matches your cabinetry. The visual harmony created fits perfectly to any style kitchen, and makes it easier to select a fridge or freezer unit when purchasing a new one. To get you started, find out more about Grundig’s line of sophisticated built in fridges.

© Grundig

Appliance Hutch

Microwave ovens, old toasters and blenders are even more unsightly than one big appliance like a fridge. Consider installing a handy appliance hutch to garage your medium-sized devices. By adding an electricity outlet inside the garage allows you to use your appliances without taking them out. The only decision left to make is what kind of door you’ll use to conceal the goods. Go for a flip-up door that matches your cabinetry, or consider installing a roll-up to keep the space nice and compact.

© Wood Mode Inc

Microwave in Pantry

Most microwaves simply aren’t pretty to look at. They also consume a huge amount of usable counter space. And while built-in micros are a step in the right direction, they usually require a venting frame that collects dust and grease. It’s a pain to clean, and often makes the experience even worse. Instead, simply pop your microwave in your pantry – be it a cupboard or walk-in. It’s easy to access, doesn’t require venting, and it’s discreet when it needs to be. Just be sure to install a usable electrical outlet of course.

Kitchen Island

Try the addition of a kitchen island to double-up your appliance storage capacity. Islands can be added at any time, as long as your kitchen has the space to support it. Some pre-built island (the kind you’ll find at huge home furnishing stores) will allow you to change the configuration to suit your needs. Take a close look at your appliances, and find a spot to not only store it, but use it without moving it. One of the best additions you can make is to consider a stand mixer lift. It’s not only perfectly concealed, but pops up to counter height when you want to use it. Hello extra counter space.

© SieMatic


Too late to renovate, and looking for a cost effective alternative? Go for a freestanding armoire (kitchen wardrobe) to store your small and medium appliances. Cutting a cavity in the back would be ideal, so you can wire your appliances to use them in place. Create a dedicated space for smaller kitchen appliances like handheld mixers within the armoire. There’s nothing worse than storing these appliances with other items and creating unnecessary chaos. Group similar goods together and keep them in one place.