Here’s how to get your storage containers under control

If opening your plastic container cabinet strikes fear into your soul, you’re not alone. The realisation of facing this cold, unorganised, zone of disorder and chaos is something most people have faced and feared throughout history.

If you’re familiar with the dreaded storage cupboard scenario, you know that despite your best intentions, plastic storage containers always seem to have minds of their own. No matter how many times you try keeping things organised, it only takes a moment for everything to be undone, effectively ruining your ‘perfect’ organisational system once again. It happens. But it doesn’t have to. Just follow these 5 simple steps to avoid storage system drama in your kitchen:

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Step 1: Take stock

Collect all your pieces (containers and lids) and spread it out on a large surface like your dinner table. You will be surprised at how many forgotten pieces will resurface. Now breathe and move to Step 2.

Step 2: Get Organised

Next, separate the containers from the lids and stack them by type. Round lids with round lids, square containers with square containers etc. If you have a crazy amount of pieces, create sub categories too, ie. small round lids, large sealable containers etc.

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Step 3: Match Up

Now it’s time to play matchmaker. Pair containers to lids using the categories you created in Step 2. As you reunite long-lost partners, be sure to scan for damage. Cracked, melted or chipped containers should be placed aside, along with their matching lids.

Step 4: Toss it out

Once your matching project is complete, it’s time to cut the fat. Yep, that means tossing items that (sadly) have no partners. Resist the temptation to keep containers without lids – it’s likely you’ll look past it and opt for a ‘complete’ container when the need occurs.

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Step 5: Store

Now you’re ready put the containers back where they belong. Obviously you don’t want to just throw it back in there. Be smart about how you store your pieces from now on. To help you get the most of your Tupperware storage space, here are some helpful tips to stay organised:

* Store the containers and lids stacked inside plastic bins
* In the future, buy the same size containers – it’s easier to stack
* Attach a magazine rack to the inside of your cabinet door to store lids

Consider an entire plastic container purge if necessary. Buying a set of all-new containers will make organisation quick and easy. Uniform containers fit perfectly into each other, last a lifetime, and make opening cabinets a pleasure.