Here’s how to stay sane and clean your kitchen less often

Every so often, a good ol’ spring clean is exactly what your kitchen needs. But what about simple daily kitchen maintenance? Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic on a daily basis is certainly less work than a full-scale scrub. But what do you need to consider when taking on your daily chores? Here’s how to make the cleaning process a little more pleasant:

Start with a Clean Slate
This one is really simple, but super effective. Make sure your dishwasher and sink are empty before you start cooking anything. In fact, make sure they are both empty at all times. By doing this, you can rinse and load messy utensils and dishes immediately instead of leaving them out for hours or days. Cleaning as you go is key – but it suddenly got a little easier.

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Purchase the Right Cleaning Tools
It’s pretty frustrating when you finally find the motivation to do a little cleaning, only to be thwarted because you don’t have the right tools. If you want to keep a clean kitchen, you certainly don’t need dozens of tools stuck under your sink. Find what works for you, and keep your cleaning accessories stored neatly in a drawer or bucket.

Declutter Kitchen Countertops
Stuff-laden worktops can quickly make your space feel crowded and difficult to clean. Even if you have jaw-droppingly pretty appliances, nothing can compare to the blank canvas of a clean top. Try clearing a few things away, and reap the benefits of a kitchen that always looks inviting and ready for cleaning.


Keep Your Trash Organised
The key to keeping your trash organised is having enough space for it all. There’s nothing worse than having to store excess trash next to your bin, or on the kitchen floor. It certainly isn’t the most encouraging sight, and hardly inspires good daily kitchen cleaning habits. Manoeuvre your way around those bags and invest in proper disposal solutions.

Maintain your cookware and utensils
Take good care of your pots and pans by removing burnt-on stains and rust spots as soon as you see them. Not only will this improve their life-cycle, but make them easier to clean on a daily basis. Take stock of the condition of your tools, and make sure you address any issues before it becomes a real pain.

Maintaining a clean kitchen isn’t such a big chore if you’re prepared. Simply follow the steps above, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping things cleaner for longer.