The evergreen popularity of German precision in modern kitchen design

If nothing else, German kitchen style of today is incredibly cutting edge. The national archetype is sleek, precise and of high quality. Like German cars and kitchen appliances, you’ll find the same precision in modern German kitchen design. It’s all about developing high-tech, premium design that trickles down to the rest of us years later.

With upscale German kitchen brands leading the charge, it’s time to delve deeper and take a look at some of the companies responsible for bringing German precision into our kitchens.


The German kitchen design style relies heavily on the kitchen system, which is based on a modular design principle. One element of Siematic’s diverse offering is providing just that. The company designs a set of wall-mounted or freestanding workstations, which can be made to order to suit the dimensions of each kitchen. You can choose from their 3 collections – purist, urban or classic to create a finish product that’s effortlessly superior both in fit and continuity of finish.


© Siematic


German kitchens are all about excellent ergonomics. Modern kitchens are designed in response to the way we use the space, and most Germans kitchen brands are good are making sure their kitchens are easy and comfortable to use. This is certainly the case for Waldstetten-based Leicht. Walk into one of their showrooms and you’ll find plenty of clever design detailing, such as fittings to maximise storage, and a choice of quality finishes. Leicht kitchens can be developed to suit your own personal vision – so the choices are near endless.


© Leicht


Superb levels of design continuity leads to the third tenet of the German kitchen design style – uninterrupted surfaces. Bulthaup, for example, joins a combination of high-gloss and matte materials in highly architectural forms to achieve ultramodern sophistication. Their motto “Life’s most precious moments are spent in a place of perfection” sums up what this kitchen design brand is all about. High-gloss or wooden cabinets with horizontal grains blend seamlessly with sleek surfaces in all 3 of Bulthaup’s kitchen collections.


© Bulthaup


Apart from design, the German kitchen is also a highly functional space. As one of the oldest kitchen brands in the world, Poggenpohl works with world-class designers to create its functional kitchen designs. The company offers 7 equally jaw-dropping collections, and often collaborate with Porsche Design Studio to be at the forefront of the industry. Functional spaces need functional appliances, so only the best and most efficient technologies will do when selecting equipment for your modern German kitchen.


© Poggenpohl


Nolte kitchens is the second largest kitchen brand in Germany. It sits on the slightly more affordable end of the spectrum, yet still adheres to the highest quality standards. As with all German kitchen brands, nothing would be possible without the unwavering commitment these brands have for craftsmanship. Indeed the level of quality and attention to detail means that the high-end and high-quality German kitchen design style is worth the often significant investment.


© Nolte


True to the values of German kitchen design, Eggersmann’s modern kitchen collections are characterised by clean lines and fine materials. As one of the most innovative kitchen makers in Germany, the company is known for its highly sophisticated handle-less cabinet system, which creates a timeless design in any space. When warm colours, natural materials and polished technology all combine – the true German kitchen design style comes to life.


© Eggersmann

German kitchen design is at its best when it comes to contemporary style. If you’re looking for a sleek, minimal kitchen in high gloss or flat matt, packed full of functional features – it’s the style for you. And if not, you always have the Scandinavian or American kitchen styles, right?