If you don’t have them already, stock your kitchen with these bare essentials

In a sea of available kitchen tools and appliances in the world, is it really possible to narrow down the list to just 6 essentials? Kitchens come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs – some have the luxury of space, while others could be described as glorified shoeboxes.

Yet, yes, there are certain items that every kitchen can’t go without – items that should be first on the list when setting up a brand new kitchen. Below we define the tools and appliances with endless uses and worth the investment. After all, cooking is easier and faster with the right equipment.

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on one thing in the kitchen – make it a small set of quality knives. You don’t need much more than 3. It’s better to have a small set of quality cutting utensils than a huge set of rubbish ones. Every basic kitchen should be equipped with a large chef’s knife for slicing meats and vegetables, a smaller knife for finer cutting and scoring, and a tough, serrated-edge bread knife for slicing bread and other baked items.

Cutting Boards
The reason for having a good cutting board is simple – it protects both your knives’ blades and your countertops. But there are more advantages! Cutting boards help with hygiene when preparing food and effectively simplify the cleaning process. By purchasing 2 cutting boards made of either plastic or wood, you’ll also avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Just use one cutting board for meats, and the other for everything else.

Large Pot
You can get a lot done with a set of smaller pots, but nothing comes close to the versatility that one quality large pot offers. It’s a dynamic tool when it comes to cooking stews, soups, potatoes and pastas, and serves as the basis of many a hearty meal. If you buy one quality pot, it’ll quite literally last a lifetime, and remain a can’t-live-without kitchen essential.

Non-stick Pan
Let’s be honest, pans are often the most infuriating kitchen tools. Low quality almost always equates to misery. Say hello to burnt eggs and hours of cleaning! As most home chefs will know, nothing beats a really good non-stick pan. Look for one with a solid handle and thick base. Don’t fall in the trap of overspending though, if it’s chunky enough to sit comfortably on your stovetop, it’s good enough. Happy frying.

Glass Bowls
Glass bowls are a pretty wise investment, because you’ll likely use them for every cooking or baking recipe you’re likely to find. A set of 3 in different sizes should do the trick. You’ll likely find yourself using them as mixing bowls most of the time, but glass bowls are great when you need to heat something in the microwave too. You can also use them as serving bowls in a pinch.

Cooking Utensils
Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly one tool, but every kitchen really needs a selection of cooking utensils. These can often be purchased in a set and includes tools like mixing spoons, spatulas, whisks and tongs. Every tools has its purpose, and you’ll use every one of them almost daily.

Quick cooking can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t have the right tools for the job. You don’t need world tools and the latest crazy appliances to have success in the kitchen. Simply stick to these essentials and cook up a storm. For more technologically advances tools, head to Product Guides.