Small changes can make a big difference in your kitchen

Small improvements can make a huge impact when updating your kitchen. If your kitchen has solid structure and a few design elements you like, there’s no need to take on a full kitchen renovation. All you may need are a few minor changes. These 6 quick kitchen upgrades can go a long way towards avoiding a full kitchen remodel, yet uplift your kitchen to something remarkable.

Replace or repaint your cabinet fronts

It’s truly amazing how much of a difference new cabinets can make to your kitchen. New fronts can transform your space completely, especially when choosing lighter colours. To perform this decorating trick, you have two options: call the pros or get your hands dirty.

You can leave all the heavy lifting in the experienced hands of a local fitter or installation expert. The professionals can assist you with everything from initial measurements to final installation and more.

If you have solid wood cabinets, and keen for a quick weekend project that can save you some cash – go the DIY route. There are hundreds of guides out there to get you started – from updating base cabinets beneath a kitchen island or painting cabinet frames to showcase your fine china. The first step of course is finding your perfect paint colour.


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Consider a Countertop Upgrade

An outdated countertop, outdates a kitchen. Luckily, most countertops are often easily upgraded to give your kitchen new life. The average cost of a countertop replacement is difficult to predict however.

The materials from which countertops are made come in a range of qualities and prices. Your options generally are: Concrete, Stainless Steel, Natural Stone like granite and marble, Wood like butcher’s block or bamboo, Laminate, Glass, Ceramic Tile, and even Porcelain. Of these materials, some are more suited to certain homes and cooking situations. A solid surface countertop, for instance, is usually not the ideal option for individuals who frequently place hot pots or pants on the counters.

You should also consider the number of holes required and the placement of the sink. All these factors play a role in selection your perfect kitchen countertop. Countertop projects can easily be tackled yourself, but it is always advisable to seek out professional help with measuring and material selection from a certified kitchen installer or designer.


Get a new backsplash

Form follows function. Or does function follow form? When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, it really is a toss-up. The stylish kitchen backsplash has come a long way since its inception. Originally used simply to protect walls from spills and splatters, now, they are a way to personalise and update your kitchen by incorporating a wide array of interesting materials into your space.

The most likely material candidates are Ceramic Tile, Stainless Steel, Marble, Wood, or quirky alternatives like Chalkboard. Ceramic tiles are the most common because of its versatility, easy maintenance and range styles, colours and price points.

Steel is the ideal choice for modern kitchens, or if you want to add an industrial edge to your space. It also happens to be affordable, durable and easy to clean. Marble is the pinnacle of effortless luxury. Although it’s a porous material, marble simply requires professional sealing by a qualified installer to keep it shimmering through the years. Wood, on the other hand, gives off a warmer vibe. It’s a sustainable option with plenty of possibilities, and especially DIY-friendly. Chalkboard is also an option as long as it’s used in areas that won’t have direct contact with water and grease.

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Add artful details

The addition of one or two pieces of art will bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Naturally, the kitchen isn’t the first room you think of, when it comes to displaying art. But’s often the most social room in the house – the room where life really happens. So why not get some kitchen art inspiration, and decorate those walls with pieces that bring the space to life?

The options are endless – from creating a gallery wall to using the naked space above your cabinets. Open shelving is a good option for a spacious kitchen, while using the space between countertops and upper cabinets are great for small kitchens.


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Upgrade those fixtures

Believe it or not, sink taps can add incredible style to your kitchen. Although they’re often quite pricy, a detachable spray hose is worth saving up for. They’re not only design-centric but make washing up much easier. Spouts with flexible braided water supply hoses are an excellent upgrade to any kitchen.

Even little touches like soap dispensers can make all the difference around your sink area. Lighting is also an area ripe for updating – with no shortage of options designed to add serious mood and style to your kitchen. Find out more about the strategies to upgrade your kitchen island lighting.


Invest in an island

Naturally, the options are endless depending on your price point. Modular kitchen island are practical but multi-tiered islands offer more functionality. In the end, a little research can go a long way in selecting the ideal kitchen island for your setup.


Whether you’re renting and can’t start ripping out walls or even if you own a house but don’t have a budget do a complete kitchen renovation, you can still add relatively easy and impactful elements that will make your kitchen stand out more and be the space you envisioned it to be. Get more design ideas to get started.