Warm, stylish and diverse – wood has qualities that few other materials can match

With its warm character and availably in a wide variety of tones, textures and grains, wood kitchen finishes from floor to ceiling, are an obvious choice in any home. From oak-clad traditional wood kitchens to modern plywood kitchens, wood has the ability to add completely different looks to your kitchen, no matter what style you go for.

Incorporating wood in your kitchen design is far from just a passing trend. It’s been the material of choice for hundreds of years, and will continue to be. Kitchen designers are constantly finding new ways of shaping wood to create modern statements.

Whatever your space, taste and budget, there is a wood kitchen finish perfectly suited to your requirements. But where do you begin? To showcase wood as the most diverse material to use in the kitchen, we take a look at 5 modern kitchens that use the material in different ways throughout the kitchen.