Find out what defines Belgian kitchen style

Belgian kitchens don’t seem to get much love. But why? Everything about Belgian kitchens are warm and inviting – from the use of soft tones, muted palettes and simple designs – these spaces are purposely designed for comfort. Colours like creams, off-whites and muted greys, combined with natural stone and wood create a pure farmhouse-style environment that’s equal parts cooking paradise and entertainer’s heaven.

Read on as we explore 6 Belgian kitchens that define the style.

© Joris van Apers

High contrasting elements set against the typical muted colour palette define this Belgian kitchen. The black-frame windows pair wonderfully with the worktop and farm style sink. These rather ‘heavy’ elements balance nicely with two floor-to-ceiling cabinets – the one on the right cleverly hiding a refrigerator. This Belgian picture of cosiness also boasts old stone floors, complemented by the table and natural wood chairs.


A custom antique-looking island anchors this Belgian kitchen. The organic mix of timelessness, patina, and warmth all swirl around in this space to form a truly inviting environment. Earthy tones and natural woods are again complemented by weathered tiling and antique design details. The hefty kitchen island forms the heart of the space – illuminated by classic pendant light – another typical Belgian kitchen design element.


© Dirk Cousaert

This beautiful kitchen was design by Dirk Cousaert and again brings together natural colours and countryside flair. The steel-frame and natural wooden shelves are both a practical storage solution and fitting design detail – complemented by vintage worktop appliances. The dark surfaces contrast nicely with the creamy walls natural light streaming in from the shuttered window.


© Dirk Cousaert

Another kitchen designed by Dirk Cousaert, who incorporated a natural wood kitchen island shelving to show off the stone worktops. An impressive dark slate floor, earthy colours and indoor fireplace add to the timeless and welcoming feel – it doesn’t get more Belgian than this. Light again plays an important role with a large window adding drama to the space.


© Annick Vernimmen

Belgian kitchens are a whole lot more than just country style – as this modern gem demonstrates. Plenty of light and a practical layout meshes with the typical Belgian kitchen colours to form something truly unique. Light stained floors blend seamlessly with the cabinet fronts and table legs to create a unity that’s warm and uber inviting.


© Dries Otten

Simplistic, beautiful and inspirational. That’s what can be said about this kitchen by furniture designer and interior architect Dries Otten. The main accent is the thoughtfully designed, colour-blocked kitchen which is connected with birch plywood cupboards, desk space and bookcase. Smooth slate floors and white face brick walls help the colours pop to form something truly unique and striking.

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