A small kitchen can be just as beautiful (and functional) as a big one

Smaller kitchens can pack all the punch that larger kitchens do. Even the most skilled interior designers often struggle with the challenges they present, particularly when attempting to integrate appliances and create storage. However, with some proper planning and effective use of every centimetre, small kitchens can be even more fun to cook in than large ones. Storage, space, and beauty, here are 8 small kitchen ideas that you should definitely bookmark to if you’re planning your kitchen design.

1. Light and reflection

Lights and reflective surfaces can make your kitchen look and feel a lot bigger than it is. Opt for white and neutral tones on the walls. You can also add a feature wall if you want to add a pop of colour. Go for décor that is reflective. Instead of a painting, put in a mirror, and swap that matte brown vase for a shiny, silver one. Your backsplash can be creatively made with mosaic, mirror, or shiny tiling. Make sure natural light is allowed to flood the room, which will create the look of a spacious kitchen. For lighting fixtures, focus on white lighting, which best mimics natural light. Spotlights can light up every corner of a small kitchen without any fuss. Under cabinet lighting also gives the illusion of a bigger floor space, so you can use that to your advantage too.


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2. Cutting corners

The great thing about small kitchens is that you can cut corners, both literally and figuratively. You don’t have to splash out on lots of expensive cabinetry and cupboards, and with cabinets that you do decide to put it, there are numerous ways where you can expand storage. Many kitchen designers offer customisable counters, which you can get cut into shapes that fit your kitchen space exactly. Make use of edges and corners too. Corner cabinets can be turned into v-shaped drawers, which pull out and allow you to use all the space without any hindrance. Lazy susans inside cabinets allow you to put everything where it should be, but still within easy reach.

3. Kitchen islands

You might think that a small kitchen has no place for a kitchen island, but the truth is that a small kitchen might just be the best place for one. As small kitchens might not have the same amount of storage space, a kitchen island can prove indispensable. Not only does it add storage, there’s also the option of turning it into space to entertain or space to use for preparation. Round kitchen islands can double up as a cosy dining table, and a traditional kitchen island never goes wrong as a highlight at the centre of your kitchen space. If you’re still not convinced and don’t want to commit to one, create a kitchen island on wheels which can simply be rolled away when you don’t want to use it.

4. Bars

If you have unused wall space in your kitchen which is not quite big enough for a cabinet or counter, why not turn it into a bar? Simply install a countertop block and add a high chair, and you have a small eating area which turns into preparation space when needed. This is also a great alternative to a kitchen island or a breakfast nook, as it still adds that entertaining space without cramping up your kitchen.

5. Creative storage

With a small kitchen, you can really make most of the space with some creative storage. If you have a small alcove between an appliance and cupboard, add some partitions and turn it into a wine rack. If you have a gap in your cabinets, create a pull-out larder, where you can store all your spices and small ingredients. You can also turn this into a pull out chopping board or have a rubbish bin incorporated, to make your kitchen free of clutter. Go for concealed storage too, such as backsplash storage. Use the space behind your cooker by making a sliding screen or backsplash, and store things behind it.

Increasing storage is typically the main objective of kitchen planning. © SieMatic, www.siematic.com

6. Kitchen shape

An L shape or a U shaped kitchen can make a small kitchen feel cosy and optimise most of its potential cabinet and storage space. You can also integrate a breakfast nook or a kitchen island into your L or U shaped kitchen, rounding off the edge of your cabinetry. If you don’t want a kitchen island, this is the perfect way to add all the functionality of one without taking up the central space in your kitchen design.

7. Space-saving appliances and furniture

Space-saving appliances can make your small kitchen look more sophisticated and put together. Incorporate fridges, microwaves, dishwashers and ovens into your kitchen cupboards seamlessly, and see how it can make your kitchen look roomier and organised.

8. Open wall shelving

Why not forego kitchen cupboards altogether? Remove the bulk of wall cupboards from your kitchen to make it look spacious and airy, and replace with open shelving. This also makes the space look more inviting and friendly. To take it a step further, you can make the shelving out of transparent or coloured glass, to add more light in the room. If you have an unused wall, you can dedicate it to a large all-over shelf, which can hold all your nik-naks and décor, whilst adding a feature wall that can bring your kitchen to life.

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Transform your small kitchen into a place of form and functionality by remembering these 8 ideas. With a solid plan of action and effective use of your surroundings, there’s no reason why your small kitchen can’t be big on both style and functionality.