Save yourself the ordeal with this mixer

The great thing about Easter in March is that the holidays come early. The bad thing about Easter in March is that the holidays come early. It means we all have less time to get our Easter family dinner affairs in order! Not ideal. However, no matter how many people are coming, or what’s on the menu, the Grundig Grey Sense HM 6280 G Hand Mixer saves you time and effort.

Day before

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of Easter bread? It’s a wonderful treat, but as with most bread making, many of us are leery of what it would take to pull-off this seasonal treat. With the Grundig Grey Sense HM 6280 G Hand Mixer at the helm, there’s no need to go the local bakery, because it comes with stainless steel kneading hooks! Taking the guesswork out of traditional hand kneading, the hooks make 2016 the perfect year to try baking Easter bread at home!

Day of

The one thing you won’t have to worry about during your Easter family dinner is whether or not your kitchen helpers will make it through the dinner preparations. Grundig Grey Sense HM 6280 G Hand Mixer impressive power output allows you to use it again and again for a variety of dishes. Boasting 4 speeds, formerly finicky main course dishes like pureed potato and gravy come together in mere minutes. When dessert comes around, the turbo function makes quick work of whipped cream.

Plus, when you are cooking for the long haul, you don’t have to worry about the handling discomfort you may have experienced with other hand mixers. This special mixer features soft touch controls, which make using the mixer repeatedly and for extended periods of time very comfortable indeed!

Day after

Go ahead, treat yourself to the ultimate Easter family dinner indulgence: leave the cleaning up until the day after! Though your cookware may need a vigorous scrub, the easy-to-mix mixer most certainly does not need to manhandled to be restored to its sleek grey appearance! The stainless steel beaters are dishwasher safe and the polished finish of the body only requires a wipe down with some soapy warm water.

Classic good lucks and top quality functionality – thanks to the Grey Sense Hand Mixer we can once again see the plus side of an early Easter!