It takes more than good looks to win over the experts (and you!)

“The timeless aesthetics of this toaster addresses users emotionally. The technically sophisticated device offers convincing ease of use.” – Statement by the jury, Red Dot Award 2013

What do you think makes an award-winning appliance design? If you read the jury statements of prestigious design awards you’ll find that it takes more than good looks to make an impact. As Grundig is no stranger to designing award-winning appliances, it only makes sense to outline the features that designers love by looking at one of the brand’s award-winning appliances: the TA 7280 Toaster.

Clean form
The design concept of the TA 7280 Toaster is geometric, which is proven in its sleek and polished exterior. Overall, it has a clean and minimalist design that would suit a wide variety of kitchen styles, and herein is a major element of well-designed appliances: their ability to fit in with the vast range of kitchen settings. Contemporary design, with its simple lines and elegant forms fits the bill almost anywhere.

Function focussed
The importance of how an appliance operates cannot be minimised. In addition to providing the highest quality heating mechanism in a beautiful package, the Grundig TA 7280 Toaster has 7 heat levels for users to choose from, as well as stop and defrost functions. That means that the primary function of the toaster – to heat and brown slices of bread – is not compromised in any way. In fact, the toaster’s precision settings mean that its functionality is improved!



Compelling features
In their most base form, toasters are very simple things. At Grundig however, even this humble appliance cannot escape innovation! Features that add value set award-winning appliances apart from the rest. In the case of the Grundig TA 7280 Toaster, features like a removable bun warming rack and a variable browning setting for different bread slice thicknesses are compelling for design award juries.

Ease of use
All toasters seem to have a common issue: crumbs! They collect them and they’re impossible to clean. In the case of the TA 7280 Toaster however, Grundig designers included a removable crumb tray, making crumb clean up very easy. Indeed all award-winning appliances should aim to provide this level of ease of use. When it happens it’s very often rewarded!

In the end, creating appliances like the TA 7280 Toaster isn’t about racking up the awards, it’s about making your life better…and beautiful.