Warm browns are making a statement in kitchens everywhere

Using an earthy brown colour palette in the kitchen is an ideal choice for both old-world and contemporary kitchen designs. There are many ways to introduce this comforting hue into your space, from cupboard finishes and hardwood or stone flooring to stylish backsplashes, marble countertops, and paint colours. Often, the best way to decorate traditional dark brown kitchens its brown cabinets is to combine it with stainless-steel appliances, polished-black granite or grey concrete countertops.

Like the modern feel? Brown is a perfect choice. In our gallery below, we explore the ways you can create a brown shaded kitchen by using milk chocolate or deep brown walls to exhibit white, cream, or buttery yellow shelves. Look at ways to draw the eye upwards with ceilings painted in a lighter colour than the walls, or in a complementary hue. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s time to get inspired and consider brown as your base colour. Browse through the gallery below to find out why.