Everything you need to know about classic contemporary kitchens

There are many different styles in interior design terminology that we use to describe the era or look of a room or piece of furniture. But very few interiors belong exclusively to one such style, and often styles combine to form a newly recognised fashion. The Classic Contemporary kitchen design style is not a new thing, but because contemporary refers to everything current, it is a very dynamic style that keeps updating itself. The latest incarnation of Classic Contemporary refers to classic aesthetics with present-day materials and state-of-the-art appliances.

The Characteristics of Classic Contemporary Kitchens

There is a beautiful contrast present in Classic Contemporary kitchens, where old meets new. Traditionally, a classic kitchen design celebrates architectural details hailing from the 18th to early 20th centuries. Where most recent kitchens favour clean lines and a minimalist approach, Classic kitchens are all about the finer features.

These kitchens favour natural materials, panelled cabinet fronts, a soft palette with off-white, ivory and cream, detailed corbels and moulding, and decorative lights. Custom range hoods are also often seen.

Fresh new materials are introduced to the traditional look to bring this kitchen into the 21st century. Think stainless steel, handmade tiles and lava stone. The kitchen is also more streamlined with minimal clutter. While a classic kitchen is more neutral, the Classic Contemporary kitchen embraces colour. Have a look at your favourite kitchen style gallery to find more inspiration.

How to create a classic contemporary kitchen

The Classic Contemporary kitchen came into existence through new homeowners wanting to renovate a traditional kitchen. Older homes are often fitted with a more traditional kitchen, so instead of replacing it altogether, new owners would update the look. Especially when the cabinets are in great condition, it makes sense to use what you already have.

Here are few ideas for updating your classic kitchen design

Start with paint

Paint has impressive transformative abilities, so paint your kitchen for a quick and inexpensive facelift. You can either do it yourself or ask your renovating company to do it for you. A fresh white or deep and dramatic grey or black will add a contemporary look.

Handles and Knobs

They might be small, but it is impressive how new handles and knobs can change the look of a kitchen. Remove the outdated hardware and replace it with new simpler designed new ones. Choose a contemporary material like copper or stainless steel.


Countertops can be a big investment, but they also make a big difference to the look as well as the functionality of your kitchen. Replace the old countertops with wrapped stainless steel, or oiled wood. Natural stone is also very trendy, so choose a light marble or dramatic soapstone top for a luxurious look. Ensure that the surfaces have contemporary square edges instead of bevelled or rounded.

Floor Tiles

Remove the old traditional flooring and install wood-look tiles, natural stone tiles or even hardwood flooring. Try large-format tiles if your space allows it and use a dark grout for emphasis.


Another surefire way to bring your kitchen into the now is by adding contemporary tiles as a backsplash. Handmade tiles give a lovely artisan quality to a room. Stick to small tiles with linear designs, like rectangles, hexagons and squares, for maximum effect.

Sinks and Taps

Older kitchens may not have the sink capacity that modern families require. A new sink will not only give you additional cleaning space, but it will also give you the opportunity to bring the plumbing up to speed. Contemporary sinks can be integrated into the worktop to make them completely seamless; the perfect sleek look for your new kitchen. And add a prep bowl to an island or another work surface to help you navigate busy meal preparation times with ease. Install environmentally friendly mixer taps to go with your new sink.


Install contemporary focal lighting over your kitchen island or table, and cup lights in the rest of the kitchen for general lighting. Also, add lights underneath the overhead cabinets to light up countertops, and footlights to provide a soft glow at night.


Nothing says old-fashioned like old appliances. Upgrade your classic kitchen with smart appliances that are more energy-efficient, and that can streamline your kitchen tasks with the touch of a button. These can be integrated into the existing cabinetry or showed off with pride. Choose polished finishes for your new Classic Contemporary kitchen.