From tile backsplashes to timeless antiques, there are many ways to emulate the modern farmhouse kitchen style

If you’re looking to design a modern farmhouse kitchen, you’ll need a few basic ingredients: Modern features, rustic elements, and industrial-inspired accents. When you blend these together in the right amounts, you’ll end up with a kitchen that’s warm, inviting, and yet perfectly suitable and functional for modern living. To get you started, we’ve compiled some tips to get the modern farmhouse look.

Beautiful cabinet fronts

White and wood-treated cabinets are (and will always be) the most popular choice in many kitchens. However, more vibrant choices exist. Colours like navy blue and greys are the new trend. These colours are best suited to a farmhouse kitchen design. If you want to add character to your farmhouse kitchen try two-toned cupboards, maybe something like white over grey or moss green, it adds a unique, warm appeal to a farmhouse kitchen.

Classic woods like pine, maple, cherry and hickory play a central role in an authentic farmhouse kitchen. ©

Glass cupboard doors

A brilliant technique to add some colour to your kitchen and get the farmhouse look is to invest in glass cupboard doors and paint them on the inside. This allows the colour to show through the glass doors. You can also use the same shade of colour for the back of your shelving units to unify the look. Soft neutrals and pastel shades are a perfect choice for country home decor, particularly inside cupboards and shelves.

Character with a tile backsplash

The most popular tile backsplash colours for modern farmhouse kitchens are white or grey. Generally, in the past subway tiles and chevron designs in neutral colours were used more often for backsplash designs. The latest trend is to incorporate a concrete backsplash and floor tiles with vibrant colours. Thanks to the love for farmhouse kitchens, patterns and textures are a becoming more and more popular, and bringing colour back into kitchens, after a long spell of seeing simple white and neutral kitchens.

Mosaic tiles with a plethora of painted and unique designs to style your kitchen backsplash. (c)

Metal fixtures

Glossy black metals, copper and bronze adornments are complements to a modern farmhouse kitchen; blending and coordinating them offers a more custom look without having to add too much colour. Your kitchen taps are the most eye-catching metal component in your space, so it’s a good idea to select a tap material that fits with your backsplash and countertops. Mix and match your light fixtures too, but stick to using maximum 2 metal tones throughout.

Move past white walls

Painted white walls are a common sight in modern farmhouse kitchen decor. Light walls have a tendency to bring out rustic wood features and highlight the architectural components of a room. But if plain white walls aren’t your thing, there’s a solution: pastels. You can easily show off your rustic kitchen highlights with a delicate pastel wall colour. Pick your wall colour after you’ve selected your cabinetry, tiles and countertops. With so many paint colour options out there, it’s easier to select the correct colour later than take the risk of trying to match large installations to existing wall colour.

Dishes on open shelving

Bulky, rustic open shelving is consistent with the modern farmhouse kitchen style. Unvarnished wood shelves are the most popular choice, but if you like a less rustic look, you can paint your shelves the colour of your walls. Dishes and bowls in your most loved colours set on shelves will add a pop of colour to your space with almost no effort. Using open shelving for your crockery will also free up more space on your countertops.

Selecting wall art for your kitchen

Art in the kitchen is likely the last thing you’ll think about when it comes to your design. Sure, there are other more important decisions to be made. But don’t underestimate the impact a well-chosen piece of art can have on your kitchen space. Regardless of whether you select a large classical clock or a poster, your wall art is a simple method of adding colour and character to your kitchen. The key to choosing a work of art in a modern farmhouse kitchen is size. Larger pieces give your kitchen vintage character. Keep your wall art palette simple by using only a few colours. Too many patterns and bright colours can divert the eye from the rest of your design.

Ceiling colour

There is a fifth wall in your kitchen: the ceiling. You can bring unexpected colour into the room by using the ceiling as a highlight wall. If there’s a colour you would like to incorporate but want to keep your walls neutral, your ceiling might be the answer. Its courageous move and you should choose the paint colours carefully. Soft pastels and neutrals can complement a white kitchen without making the room look darker.

Creating a farmhouse kitchen may appear daunting at first, yet it’s all about getting the basics right, then layering design elements on top.