There’s a shade of blue for every style, mood and paint preference

Okay, so maybe dark blue isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It stands to reason that most people would select lighter and brighter colours when deciding on a kitchen colour. But don’t write dark blue kitchens off. It’s far more than just a trendy feature-wall colour. A well-selected shade of dark blue cabinetry can give your kitchen renovation a thoroughly unique and Pinterest-worthy appearance.

If you consider yourself a fan of neutrals, dark blue is the ideal shade to complement your chosen palette. It adds a touch of drama and simplicity to the space, without feeling too overpowering. If neutrals aren’t your thing, another alternative is to opt for the complementary colour of white to help contrast your dark blue kitchen. Sophisticated, fresh and tasteful, the two colours bounce off each other perfectly. Be sure to draw some natural elements into the space if this is your chosen path – rough textured woods give the starkness a humanistic foil.

Dark blue kitchen cabinetry can make a striking statement in a contemporary kitchen too. Opt for sleek gloss cabinets and match it with grey tones to make the most impact.

For more inspirational ways to apply dark blue in your kitchen, have a look through the gallery of images below. There’s sure to be one or two surprising ways to incorporate this dramatic tone into your kitchen.