“The kitchen is the most important room in the home. Certainly in Ireland, it is the heart of the home.”

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a home is, or how well every room is done up, when people come over – family or friends – they’ll always end up in the kitchen. That’s why warm and familiar spaces are the best in Irish designer Dierdre Hardiman’s mind. In economically difficult times in particular, people often return back to traditional kitchens, which are also warm and familiar. That means blending together colours, patterns and textures in ways that are in-tune with what people want, but are also practical and cost-friendly.

In the end however, interior design for Dierdre is really all about making people happy. Creating kitchens that are cosy and comforting, and truly the heart of a home. The most important thing a designer can do is understand what makes a person tick. If you can bring that through in a design, it’s magic!