Get a constant stream of kitchen design inspiration by following these accounts

Instagram is an incredible source of inspiration. You’ll find everything there – from what to prepare for to where to go on holiday, and of course, how to style or renovate your kitchen. While Instagram is a great tool to find and share ideas, it also tends to be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a curated list of accounts you should be following, so you can start the process of finding inspiration for your next remodel. Scroll down and follow along.


Essentially, Homepolish is a group of designers, covering every kitchen decorating style imaginable. They also cover most budgets, meaning their Instagram account is one giant board of inspiration. It’s a great resource for any project large or small.

Humphrey Munson

Kitchens designed by the Humphrey Munson team are pure inspiration. The UK-based company design and make award-winning handmade kitchens. Each and every bespoke kitchen is handcrafted in their own workshop by a team of cabinetmakers who combine a passion for their craft with expert technical knowledge.


Reform has a unique approach to kitchen design. They create super-premium kitchens through collaboration with only the best Danish and internationally acclaimed architects. These designers all start their projects with the same one basic ingredient – an IKEA kitchen – and then ‘reform’ the original design to create something completely new.

Our Basis design is the essence of purity and streamlined design #reformcph

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My Scandinavian Home

As the woman behind wildly popular lifestyle and design blog “My Scandinavian Home”, Niki Brantmark knows a thing or two about Scandi-inspired interior design. Originally from London, Niki moved to Sweden more than a decade ago and now lives with her family in a beautiful house by the sea. Her Insta account features tons of inspiration to set the wheels of your project in motion.

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

The brains behind Jersey Ice Cream Co., Tara Mangini and Percy Bright spend their time moving house to house, job to job, leaving beautiful homes in their wake. They believe in craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than they found them. They do not make ice cream but say they will happily have some if you’re offering.


For more than 90 years, LEICHT has been causing a stir with their premium German kitchens. The expert interaction of all the components they use and the brilliant combination of material, colour, architecture and light make their kitchens come to life. Get a taste of their style by scrolling through their ultra-inspirational Instagram account.


We couldn’t do this list and not our own feed, could we? Our feed features not only beautiful kitchens but excellent appliance ideas, from built-in to small kitchen products. It’s a great place to get introduced to the worlds of GRUNDIG, and all that inspires us. While you’re there, make sure you follow us too.