Spruce things up with these kitchen design ideas

There are infinite possibilities for you to achieve your kitchen decorating goals – even on a limited budget. You don’t need to pick a theme either – sometimes it’s best to simply identify the elements you deem in need of updating, and replace them with something new.

With that in mind, and with Spring officially here, draw inspiration from the following multifunctional kitchen design ideas to usher in the new season.

  1. Invest in a Kitchen Island
    The humble kitchen island is a must-have in almost any kitchen. Although you need a space large enough to incorporate it, if you can manage it, you won’t be disappointed. Why? Kitchen islands are super multifunctional. It’s a great prep, breakfast, and social area – offering numerous possibilities for social gatherings now that the sun’s back out.

© Leicht

  1. Get a Small Table
    Chunky kitchen island not an option? Consider adding a small table to your kitchen. If you have a tiny space, a table can go a long way to making your kitchen more multifunctional – it’s a great place for guests to sit, keep a bowl of fruit, or even use as a prep area when you need to.

    © Fredric-Boukari

  1. Knock Down a Wall
    Multifunctional and space-saving designs this Spring may include some minor structural changes. Removing a wall can beautifully open up a small kitchen to integrate with a dining area or living room. Now your family or guests won’t be separated from you when cooking – it’s simply one happy, multifunctional space.
  1. Install open shelving
    Who says kitchen are only about cooking? Incorporate open shelves to keep your cookbooks and coffee table books near you. Books make a striking design statement, and are wonderful ways for guests waiting for dinner to stay entertained.

    © Leicht

  1. Consider a Kitchen Herb Garden
    The grow-your-own movement is still going strong, and for good reason. It’s a great way to access fresh and healthy produce and herbs without heading to the market. Installing a herb garden in your kitchen is an effortless way to blend form and function – and create a multifunctional space.

    © Siematic

Creating a multifunctional kitchen isn’t very hard. Simply think outside the box and don’t be restricted by conventional thinking. Check out these kitchen design ideas to get you started.