EcoChamp products help you get more done – by using less

With many of us aiming to live more sustainably, it can be difficult to balance our desire to celebrate with our need to live on less.

However, more brands than ever are coming up with solutions that will make your utility bills look a lot different. Grundig’s EcoChamp kitchen appliances are one such solution and are characterised by maximum efficiency and low resource consumption. In fact, EcoChamp kitchen appliances are well known for setting new energy efficiency standards in a variety of product categories.

Refrigerate wisely
Constantly on, your refrigerator is the number one consumer of electricity in your home. Grundig however, has come up with ways to make it more efficient. A+++ models like the GKKI 7220 X and GQN 21220 WX are now equipped with better insulation technology than ever before. In contrast to the A+ class of refrigerators, Grundig EcoChamp models enable an energy savings of up to 60%.

Grundig EcoChamp fridges enable an energy savings of up to 60%. © Grundig

Cook like a champ
Your oven sure does get a workout over the holidays. Though energy efficiency may not be a high priority during this time, with the GEBM 34003 X Multifunction Oven you don’t have to think about it at all. With its special insulation, the GEBM 34003 X keeps the heat inside and its optimised air circulation reduces energy consumption. With an A++ energy efficiency rating, this is the most energy efficient oven of its kind on the market.

An EcoChamp oven’s optimised air circulation reduces energy consumption. © Grundig

Wash up with less
When you live the holiday season to the fullest you produce a lot of dishes, and use a lot of water to clean them. Reduce your usage with a Grundig EcoChamp model dishwasher. They have the lowest water consumption in their class – just 5,5 litres compared the 12 litres (market average) used in many other models.


EcoChamp model dishwashers have the lowest water consumption in their class. © Grundig

Thanks to intelligent technologies, EcoChamp technologies aren’t just great for the environment, they’re great to use! Maximum user-friendliness and functionality are not dispensed with in the pursuit of efficiency. They are simply the ideal appliances for families looking to do more for the world around them – and live well in the process. For more technological marvels, visit the Grundig Product Guides.