There are practical options other than kitchen islands

It’s no surprise that kitchen islands get a lot of love. Those who have one claim they are a “must have” kitchen feature for a host of reasons. Kitchen islands add functionality by providing additional dining space, more storage and an entirely new area with which to prepare food.

But what if you don’t have the space or perfect layout to accommodate a kitchen island. Well, as we explore below, there are other options.

The U-Shape Kitchen

The U-shape kitchen layout is a great option for a modern kitchen. With housing prices skyrocketing and homes (and kitchens) becoming ever smaller – more homeowners are looking to the U-Shape kitchen as an alternative to having a kitchen island.

The U-Shape is defined as being well-organised to ensure that everything you need has a place. It was originally inspired by professional kitchens to make use of the famous ‘triangle’ – a configuration where the major appliances are each placed on a separate wall, creating a triangular service area.

So while the U-Shape kitchen can’t provide you with the extra seating and bar area of a kitchen island – it more than makes up for it with practicality and counter space.

Kitchen Island Options

The L-Shape Kitchen with Bar

The L-Shaped kitchen layout is an ideal setup for a more open-plan home. This configuration incorporates two walls of kitchen cabinets and appliances, leaving the rest of the floor open. It’s an ideal option if you like entertaining friend and family, but don’t have the space for a social kitchen island.

One way to ‘hack’ the addition of a kitchen island is to extend one of your counters across the open area of your kitchen – in effect creating bar. While you won’t be able to move around your new ‘island’, its purpose and functionality is the same as a fully integrated kitchen island. More counter space, and an area for guests to sit.

Kitchen Island Alternatives

The Dinner Table in the Kitchen

Don’t have space for both a kitchen island and dinner table? Why not combine the two to create a hybrid solution? Simply place your dinner table in the middle of your kitchen space and use it as an extra worktop. This will also allow your guests to have a seat and join the cooking process. This ‘dinner table in the kitchen’ layout is often seen in typical American style and Mediterranean kitchens – and works wonderfully well when as a space-saver.

The key to pulling off this layout successfully, is selecting the perfect sized table. Large tables will be an annoyance, whereas small tables might not be able to accommodate both your cooking tools and your guests. It’s best to plan ahead before investing in a kitchen table.

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There you have it. Now it’s time to get started – find out more about what you need before setting up your new kitchen with the 5 Steps to Frustration-free Kitchen Renovation.