Make your kitchen your own with bespoke cabinetry

What makes a kitchen magazine-worthy? Bespoke cabinetry! Though there can be no doubt that the quality and style of stock kitchen cabinetry is improving, there’s no replacing the quality, finish and beauty of cabinets unique to your kitchen space. And, to you!

Traditional customized cabinetry in black wood makes an outstanding statement in the kitchen. (c)

Traditional customized cabinetry in black wood makes an outstanding statement in the kitchen. (c)

With beautiful bespoke cabinets, your kitchen really does become YOUR kitchen. Traditional, modern, architectural or vintage; whatever your style may be, it can be accommodated by a gifted craftsman. Traditional? Opt for shaker cabinets in white. Have architectural tastes? Try a louvered style. Like the vintage look? Cabinets made of bead board are for you.



Furthermore, with a cabinet-maker you also have the ability to select the perfect materials for your beautiful bespoke cabinets. This is particularly exciting if you are eco-conscious. Making your own cabinets allows you to select a wood type that is local, or more environmentally friendly than others. If you and your cabinetmaker are up for the challenge, you can reduce the amount of wood and incorporate glass, or alternative materials like corrugated metal.

The quality of materials is really where beautiful bespoke cabinets stand out from stock. While stock cabinets are composed largely of particle board, glue, cheap nails and screws, custom kitchen cabinets are made to order by skilled craftsman, using wood and featuring dovetail, dowel, or mortise-and-tenon joints. Furthermore, stock cabinets are made on assembly lines, with the various components being made at different times. This can result in a final product that has uneven, or irregular finishes! That’s a look that doesn’t fit in your home!

However, what does fit is cabinetry that is the perfect fit! If you have an older home, or a newer space with an atypical floor plan, a consultation with a custom cabinetmaker (and designer if you have one) will ensure every conceivable space of your kitchen is used wisely. That does not mean covering every square centimetre with cabinets, but deciding how they can be best placed to suit how you use your kitchen. If you are an avid baker, include cabinets for spices and baking sheets. Add a bookshelf if you are a cookbook junkie. If you like quirky details, incorporate a Lazy Susan.

Overall, custom cabinets are the best option if you are looking to take your kitchen style to the next level. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that you supported the quality craft of an independent business, which in this day and age of fast trends and disposable products is no mean feat!