Get that ‘just picked’ fresh-food feeling with the latest refrigeration

Gorgeous organic food and super-fresh farm produce is packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to take the busy world head-on, but often comes with a hefty price tag when you’re living in the city. So it seems like such a waste to spend your Saturday at the top farmers’ markets buying all this lovely produce only to find it’s become shrivelled and flavourless by the time you come to cook it later on – you need a fridge that lives up to expectations.

With its combination of technology and good looks, the Grundig FullFresh + GSBS 13320 FX creates a sleek and smart environment for you to preserve and indulge in those delicious farm-fresh flavours in the city, even when the countryside is miles away.

To get the most out of your food, you need to make the most of your refrigerator – capitalise on its fresh food compartments. For instance, the dairy and produce drawers provide optimal environments in which cheeses, fruits and vegetables thrive. When produce is stored loosely and cheeses are wrapped, the ideal temperature and humidity ensure these products stay fresher longer. Also, its blue light technology boosts vitamin levels in your fruits and veggie in the VitaminCare Zone.

Though life without cheese is a life hardly worth living, it can make even the most pristine refrigerator smell uninviting. That’s where Grundig’s IonFresh technology kicks in. It harnesses the power of naturally occurring ion particles to ensure the refrigerator smells fresh every time you open it. Found in the bucolic settings of waterfalls and forests, these ions are sometimes referred to as ‘vitamins of the air’ and remove odour and bacteria molecules before they make their mark on your fresh food (and your apartment).

Furthermore, the outstanding features of the Grundig FullFresh + GSBS 13320 FX don’t just end with the protection of your fresh food – it’s sleek and stylish, too. While white LEDs provide an efficient and cleaner light aesthetic inside the fridge, the fingerprint-free stainless steel is a no-brainer exterior finish for urban kitchens. And, it’s not just the finish that’s an easy fit. Each module is 60cm wide and measuring 120cm across, the  Grundig FullFresh + GSBS 13320 FX’s European Side by Side is 30cm wider than the conventional model with extra space for fresh produce.

When you’ve made the decision to invest in farm-fresh flavours in the city, the sleek design and seriously clever technology of this refrigerator might be just the thing for you.