A fresh outfit, ready in 120 minutes

Grundig has a range of multi-purpose products in its growing catalogue of innovative home appliances – all designed to make life at home more efficient. If there’s one technology that defines this efficiency, it’s InstantWear™ Technology.

Found in washing machines like the Grundig GWN 48430 CR, InstantWear™ Technology provides “ready to wear laundry” thanks to warm air circulation during the wash cycle. That means you can have soiled garments washed, dried and ready to wear in 120 minutes. In an era of full schedules and limited time, it’s a real life-saver.

© Grundig

InstantWear™ Technology not only transforms your clothes in a snap, but features more unique benefits. The AirRefresh program refreshes up to 1 kg of used clothes daily within 30 minutes, using warm air ventilation.

When your washing is done for the day, the MachineCare+ Drum Cleaning function kicks in – ending off with an automatic dehumidification phase to prevent bad odours caused by remnant humidity.

Finally, there’s the Anti Crease Function, which helps keep laundry fresh, avoids humidity and prevents creasing if laundry is not unloaded for up to 8 hours.

© Grundig

InstantWear™ Technology is more than just fancy words and marketing speak – it’s a real world laundry game changer. After experiencing its power, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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