Automatically fine-tune all aspects of your washing cycle

With its flair for fabric, Grundig Washing Machines with Sense Wash technology gives you perfect control of every wash. By using special sensors, Sense Wash technology recognises the types of textiles and load amount in the machine, automatically making required temperature, water and spin speed adjustments. Welcome to the future of household washing.

A washing machine is an essential household appliance, and, for many, it’s used on a daily basis. Most of us have been in the situation where we’ve taken washing out of the machine, only to find traces of detergent still on our clothes. One reason for this could be because we’ve accidentally overloaded the machine, meaning our clothes haven’t come out as clean as we’d hoped.

Another culprit could be using too much detergent in the first place, this is easily done. It seems like common sense that a large load should mean more washing powder. However, overloading on washing powder will leave your clothes with a noticeable residue, instead of a freshly washed feeling.

Grundig GW48430C Washing Machine. © Grundig

Sensible washing

The Grundig Washing Machine with Sense Wash technology automatically detects the weight of the clothing load, as well as the type of clothing being washed. This setting is perfect for clothing items you wash most frequently.

During this programme the washing machine will automatically fine-tune all aspects of the washing cycle. The drum speed is carefully controlled, along with the number of rinse cycles the machine performs, to give the right wash for your clothes. Based on this information, the automatic dosing system precisely calculates the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener needed for each cycle.

A Grundig washing machine will help you clean up your laundry habits for the perfect wash, every time. That leaves you with only one thing to worry about: what you’re going to wear.

And finally…

Do you feel like your clothes don’t come out of the wash as you expect them to? Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your machine.

© Grundig

Here are just a few of them:

  • Zips: Not only can these snap on delicate clothes, but they can also catch on a machine drum. Be sure to pull the zip all the way to the top before loading your laundry.
  • Underwired bras: Whilst it’s essential you wash these (on a delicate wash), they can run the risk of getting caught in and damaging the drum. Pop them inside a pillow case or washing bag to solve this problem.
  • Coins: We’re all guilty of loading washing with coins still stashed in the pockets. However, these can be the biggest culprits for damaging both the machine drum and glass doors. Don’t forget to check your pockets for any loose change.