Grundig’s unique technology lets your hob communicate with the hood so you don’t have to

Grundig Hob and Hood Connectivity lets you focus on what’s important – the cooking. With intelligent Hob & Hood Connectivity technology, the hob conveniently takes control of the hood. While you boil pasta or sauté chicken, the hob’s infrared transmitters constantly communicate with the hood fan, telling it the optimum speed to run at. Here’s just one of the plusses: it uses 80% less energy consumption. Here’s another one: the hood is no louder than a normal human conversation. So instead of just making dinner, you save energy and catch up with family.


  • A noise insulation system on the hood reduces noise to 55 dBA. Ecosilent motor consumes 80% less energy.
  • The intelligent technology constantly evaluates the optimum operation speed of the hood and adjusts accordingly.
  • Multiple infrared sensors send signals to multiple receivers on the hood.

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