The top 10 most desirable kitchen utensils for 2016

Whether they’re life changing, or simply laughable, everybody loves kitchen gadgets and innovative utensils. Colourful, clever and sometimes just plain cute, the list below tallies-up some of the best gadgets and smart utensils out there in 2016. Even if you’re not a gadget guru, you can be sure that these little bits of genius will do you good!

All new in 2016

  1. Smart spoons – Sick and tired of mucking up your tablet, smart phone, or laptop with floury fingers? When you’re mid-recipe, simply use the stylus end of your smart spoon instead.
  1. Finger guard – Finally, a tool for the distracted home chef! Made of stainless steel, it secures itself around your middle finger and protects the rest of them as you chop.
  1. Zipper bag sealers – Though zipper bags themselves have done wonders for food saving, they can be tricky to close correctly, which can result in food spoilage. Zipper bag sealers ensure that each bag is sealed properly, every time.

Old favourites, updated

  1. Space saving knives – High-quality nested knives are the perfect space saver for home cooks with small kitchens. The best versions will have the same performance and durability as your favourite set, just stored inside one another.
  1. Custom tumbler sets – A proper tumbler set is something everyone over the age of 30 needs in their home bar. To up the ante, there are several brands which offer monogramming. It’s the perfect sophisticated gift for the newlyweds in your life!
  1. Smart kitchen scales – Kitchen scales are a non-negotiable in any serious home baker’s kitchen, but what if they could update a recipe instantly based on altered ingredient amounts? What if they could show you nutritional information? The latest collection of app-connected scales do just that!
  1. Mess-free basting brushes – Basting is a big part of roasting meat, but the natural bristles of basting brushes always get unpleasantly greasy during cooking. The newest models feature soft plastic bristles that don’t soak up juices and fat. Some of them even have u-shaped handles for effortless storage mid-use.
Get them one, get them all. Either way, you’ll be sorted in 2016. © bulthaup

Get them one, get them all. Either way, you’ll be sorted in 2016. © bulthaup

Tried, tested and true

  1. Mandolin – If you want to make gourmet-level salads and gratins then you need a mandolin. Without it your carefully cut vegetables will always look amateur. Now they are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours. But, always make sure you use the hand guard!
  1. Fine mesh sieve – De-clump lumpy flour before it goes into your cake, save a custard, and rescue a bottle of wine in which the cork disintegrated. A fine mesh sieve is simply an every-kitchen must-have.
  1. Kitchen shears – If you are living without kitchen shears, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Heavy duty and high-performance kitchen shears will slice everything from herbs to bone-in meat and everything in-between.

Get them one, get them all. Either way, you’ll be sorted in 2016.