Get familiar with minimal kitchen design

As the name suggests, minimalist kitchens are all about scaling things back and doing more, with less. Whether through the use of wood, granite, or cement, minimalist kitchens are defined by sleek lines, functional and integrated appliances, frameless cabinetry and the occasional pop of colour.

As the world starts moving away from excess, you might have thought about going minimal with your new kitchen. A kitchen stocked with essentials – everything you need and nothing more. But how do you begin to decide what this kitchen be? This article might be a good starting point. It appears there are many opinions about what constitutes a truly minimal kitchen.

For more clarity on the matter, we need to get a “feel” for minimalism, rather than theory. To do that, it’s time to browse through the gallery below where we present 30 kitchens that define minimalism. Let these images inspire you to strip away the unnecessary in your space and embrace the essentials life.