More countertop space, more storage space – what’s not to like?

Kitchens are the beating hearts of most homes. Not only have kitchens become the social axis of many households, but more and more people are spending extra time in the kitchen and using it as a multifunctional space. So the kitchen’s ability to accommodate not only dinner parties but extra entertainment spaces and workspaces has become very important.

What’s the anchor of all this activity? The kitchen island of course. Use of a kitchen island is the best way to organise and create flow in your space. It’s basically a central, multipurpose hub in your home. Kitchen islands can add storage, style, and extra seating if you need it. Kitchen islands with dining space can be used in more ways than one.

The kitchen island has long been a hotspot for kitchen socialising, so optimise it further by increasing its height to accommodate high stools or bar chairs. Whether you’re chatting with your child after school or cooking for a crowd, a kitchen island with extra seating inspires quality hangout time.

To accommodate a dining space in your kitchen island, simply include a lower portion that is at the height of a typical dining table (about 90 cm high). If made with wood, like pine, or butcher’s block, the tradition-level is further enhanced.

Island can also do double duty as an extra worktop, a table, a breakfast bar. In addition to all these things, kitchen islands also help increase space and improve the social atmosphere. These do-it-all hubs need not be expensive either. There are many creative ways to add a kitchen island to your space, even on a shoestring budget. Kitchen carts, for example, come in all shapes and sizes and make for the perfect makeshift kitchen island. They are ideal when space is tight, adding working and storage space to your kitchen area.

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