A closer look at the Grundig products that make your home the best place to be

There is no place in the world we cherish more than our home. It’s a place that speaks to us. It’s our refuge from an increasingly uncertain world, and the one place where we can just ‘be’. Over that last few years, more and more people are choosing to spend more time at home. But why?

There are many reasons for wanting to staying in. Technological advances, for example, have made it possible for us to do whatever we want without leaving the house. Why overpay for a restaurant, when you can cook a restaurant-quality meal at home? Why go to the movies, when a world of streaming entertainment lies at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home?

Let’s face it, there’s a sense of comfort when operating in your own space. It’s probably why hosting roaring dinner parties have become increasingly popular in recent years. This shift towards home lifestyle is at the heart of everything Grundig do. When designing and building its growing catalogue of innovative consumer electronic goods – Grundig always attempt to match our real needs with real solutions.

You can see this philosophy in products like the Divide & Cook Oven – an innovative oven that allows you to cook two meals at two different temperatures – at the same time. And it doesn’t stop there. Every one of Grundig’s products are carefully crafted and designed for a specific reason – making our home the best place to be.

So to showcase Grundig’s innovative products, we’ve compiled a gallery of inspirational kitchens, all fitted with Grundig appliances, to inspire your next renovation. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all.