Inject personality into your kitchen with these cool concepts

Right now, everyone’s looking to make their mark on their interiors, especially in the kitchen. More and more, homeowners are looking for those unique design touches that will add character, humour and a sense of luxury and style to their kitchens. Here are 10 ways you can add flair to your kitchen design:

Small details – big impact Handles may seem like an afterthought, but these can make or break a kitchen, instantly transforming pretty standard cabinetry into something special. Look to bespoke firms and boutique crafters for unusual finishes – warm metals, leather and on-trend marble handles will turn your kitchen into a showstopper.

Put it on display Invest in open shelving to show off your super-stylish kitchenware. A tight edit of beautifully arranged items will really draw in the eye and turn your kitchen from a clinical, practical space into something beautiful. Just don’t mix too many patterns and styles as it can look chaotic.


Dainty designs on handles can be the make or break a kitchen. (c)

Make the most of architectural features Don’t shy away from any unusual building features – see it as an opportunity to include them as part of the kitchen’s personality rather than hide them. For example, you could create a built-in seating area in a curved bay window, add cool geometric cabinetry in an awkward angular space or make a feature out of structural pillars or lintels by highlighting them in a bold accent colour.

Lay eye-catching flooring Striking patterns will instantly add character to a pared-back kitchen and is a great tool for zoning off parts of the room, especially in open-plan spaces. Decorative encaustic tiles in geometric patterns and eye-catching shapes are the hot trend right now.

Create a herb garden Whether it’s an in-built trough packed with greenery in the middle of your kitchen island or a wall-hung planter stuffed with an array of herbs, this isn’t just a practical addition for keen cooks – it brings a bit of nature into the home and looks cool, too.

Mix and match styles and eras To create a kitchen with character you need to escape uniformity – pair a sleek poured concrete dining table with old wooden school chairs, or hang industrial pendant lights over a pristine marble island unit, for example.

Install a kitchen island fit for a pro For a super streamlined look, turn your island into a chef-style cooking zone with built-in steam oven, induction hob and warming drawers, plus a wine chiller on the side. If you don’t want a bulky extractor fan hovering above ruining the look, go for a built-in downdraft system instead.

Invest in modern craftsmanship Nothing looks better than a truly bespoke handcrafted kitchen. An artisan can address any unusual spaces, period quirks, provide tailored storage, maximise functionality and ensure it fits the space like a glove. If you can’t afford to have the whole kitchen made by hand, just one feature piece can make all the difference in an off-the-peg kitchen.

Add a feature worktop You could use salvaged scaffold boards, poured coloured concrete or inset decorative tiles into the top for a more unusual look. Even something as simple as adding a metal trim around the edge in copper or brass can instantly create a bespoke feel.

Consider your cabinetry These days, kitchen units come in an infinite amount of finishes so step away from the plain laminate or painted wood. Salvaged timber, industrial steel, burnished copper and even concrete-look porcelain are all new styles that are on trend right now.


This built-in herb garden in an island is a show-stopping possession to impress your guests. (c) steiningers.designers gmbh