With the right tools, there’s no such thing as “perfect” BBQ weather

Rain or shine, everyone loves a grill party. So, in the early spring when the rainy days outweigh the sunny ones, have your friends over for an indoor grill party! With the Grundig Kitchen Helpers Black Sense CG 7280 2 In 1 Compact Gourmet Grill, it’s simple to whip up a BBQ feast…inside…with friends all around!

Powered with 1600-1900 watts, the Compact Gourmet Grill has more than enough juice to grill your entire main course, including robust grilled vegetables. The contact of 2 extra-large grilling plates makes quick work of such a side dish. Before you begin grilling, ensure the Compact Gourmet Grill is preheated. The LED indicator makes it easy to know exactly when your grill has reached its optimum temperature. Once ready, it takes mere minutes to get your vegetables to the perfect tenderness.

No indoor grill party is complete without the meat! The Compact Gourmet Grill’s premium grill plates are hinged to open up fully and become a single grill surface. Totalling 1.032 cm² of grilling space, the Compact Gourmet Grill has more than enough room to cook up to 4 filet steaks at a time. For the best steaks, grill for 2 to 3 minutes per side until under tender with a rosy interior.

If the thought of leaving your Grundig Kitchen Helpers Black Sense CG 7280 steeping in its own juices until your indoor grill party is over gives you chills, rest assured that the non-stick grill plates make cleaning up quick and easy. Your guests won’t even know you’re missing! First, wipe off any oil or juices with a paper towel and use the included scraper to remove any stuck on food. To remove the plates for washing, push the plate holder down and remove the plate. Wash with mild detergent and warm water. Just make sure you wait until after dessert when the grill plates have completely cooled!

When your Grundig Kitchen Helpers Black Sense CG 7280 is back together again and everyone has gone home with the leftovers, don’t relegate it to the cupboard. This grill’s elegant design, glossy black finish and compact size make it the ideal addition to your countertop. If you want to up the ante of your kitchen décor further, pair the Compact Gourmet Grill with the rest of the Grundig Black Sense Kitchen Helpers.

gourmetgrill open

This elegant design in black opens up to become a barbecue grill.