Grundig’s innovative technology at #IFA2017 creates dynamic change in our homes

IFA, Berlin’s annual technology trade show is a wrap. Every year, industry giants, journalists and intrigued fans from around the world come together in Berlin to discover the latest tech the industry has to offer. IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), in many ways, is a glimpse into the future. The world renowned trade show regularly showcases technologies we’re likely to see in our own homes in the near future. This year was no exception.

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What’s clear after the 2017 show, is that home appliance brands are set to deliver tech innovations that people actually want and need in their homes. As a result the kitchen, very much the center-point of most homes, has been getting plenty of attention. Grundig once again lead the charge, showcasing kitchen products that enhance our lives and let us focus on what really matters. Sustainability played an important role once again – a focus that feeds perfectly into Grundig’s Respect Food philosophy.

Here are a few of the featured products that encapsulate Grundig’s philosophy so perfectly:

Grundig Full Fresh+ Fridges

Do you want freshness to stay? Give it a comfortable home. The Grundig FullFresh+ Side by Side refrigerator is the place to be for your healthy favourites: A constant temperature and high humidity level in the crisper drawer are preserved by cool air coming out of small ventilation holes. To simultaneously minimise condensation and improve airflow, the specially designed drawer top features small apertures. These ensure ideal conditions inside the compartment for fruit and vegetables.

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As your produce won’t dry out, it stays naturally delicious and farm-fresh for up to three times longer. In short, you’ll have less waste and less shopping to do. You can always be sure your favourite fruits and vegetables are in a safe place – patiently waiting for you to enjoy them.

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Grundig Gourmet Chef Oven

Grundig’s Gourmet Chef Smart Oven is equipped with advanced connected technologies and sensors allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your meal as it cooks. This tech includes a moisture and oxygen sensor, a temperature control sensor and BLDC motor as well as an integrated camera and a multipoint meat probe. The Gourmet Chef oven also features a 7” Touch TFT Display that allows you to control in-oven smart functions to make adjustments on the fly.

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In addition to these smart functions, Grundig’s Steam Assist technology allows you to easily cook both meats and pastries to perfection. The intuitive innovation doesn’t stop there though.
Grundig’s advanced automatic self-cleaning system, cleans the whole oven at the touch of a button. Welcome to the future.

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Grundig Combi Steam Cooking Ovens

One oven, many guises. Combi Steam Cooking merges a steam oven, a conventional oven and a steam combination oven into one multitalented appliance. So you can flexibly select the best cooking method on a dish-by-dish basis. Choose steam cooking to preserve vitamins and minerals – while cooking veg perfectly and keeping fish tender. No oil required. Give roasts and homemade bread shiny, crisp outsides and succulent, moist insides with steam and conventional cooking’s mix of moist and dry heat. Conventional cooking? Yep, it does that too. The only choice you need to make is to decide which dish to Combi Steam Cook first.

Grundig EcoChamp 5.5L Dishwasher

When it comes to saving resources, Grundig’s EcoChamp 5.5 litre dishwasher truly is a champion. The brushless motor creates variable water pressure and flow rate, producing perfect results paired with incredibly economical water usage. Thanks to this innovation, a single wash cycle requires no more than 5.5 litres of water, reducing consumption by 2,600* litres every year. And that’s not all you save. The A++ rating means the appliance is also highly energy-efficient. So your conscience stays as clean as your dishes.

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Grundig InstantWear Washing Machine

When your clothes are dirty and time is of the essence, InstantWear is the answer. In just 120 minutes, a 1-kilo load of laundry is clean and ready-to-wear. For a quick burst of freshness, the 30-minute AirRefresh programme circulates hot air, revitalising 1 kilo of everyday garments. When life distracts you from laundry, the anti-crease function saves the day. By periodically tumbling after the programme ends, shirts, towels and more stay fresh and smooth, not musty and wrinkly. Plus, the Drum Cleaning cycle ends with a drying phase to prevent undesirable odours in the drum caused by humidity. Yes, it looks like a washer, but it’s actually so much more.

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During the six-day IFA event, Grundig not only showcased it’s very best technological innovations, but also highlighted its commitment to sustainability. With Grundig’s focus on energy efficiency and resource conservation, ease of use, time saving and, of course, excellent design, IFA 2018 is sure to serve up even more mind-blowing Grundig kitchen innovations.