Grundig showcases innovative kitchen products at EuroCucina 2018 in Milan

Since 1974, Milan’s EuroCucina has been attracting those from around the world who want to know what kitchen design styles are on-trend and what to expect in the years to come.

With the 2018 edition of the world’s most prestigious international design event in the books, this year’s EuroCucina didn’t disappoint. The design week provided plenty of glimpses into the future of built-in domestic appliances and their potential evolution. And if the Grundig stand at this year’s event was anything to go by, we can expect plenty of next-level features our kitchens of the future.

© Grundig

Grundig made a point of highlighting ways its technology can make our kitchens function more efficiently while staying attractive. It’s all about customisation and letting the kitchen adapt and cater to a family’s particular needs and lifestyle.

Kitchens are the rooms in our homes that are going hands-free. And, if the Grundig technologies on display at this year’s EuroCucina event in Milan are any indication, their research and development team has been working hard to create systems that are as intuitive as they are innovative.

To highlight this shift, Grundig introduced many new smart products at EuroCucina 2018:

Gourmet Chef Oven

Grundig’s Gourmet Chef Oven makes cooking easier than ever before, thanks to its intuitive design and innovative technology. Equipped with innovative technologies and sensors, it allows the temperature of food to be precisely controlled during the cooking process to ensure the best results. These tech features include a moisture and oxygen sensor, a temperature control sensor and BLDC motor, an integrated camera and a multipoint meat probe. The Gourmet Chef oven also features a 7” Touch TFT Display that lets users control these in-oven smart functions, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments to the cooking process.

© Grundig

Flexismart Induction Hob

The 80 cm-wide FlexiSmart induction hob is a smart sensor-technology cooking companion. With two sides, four induction zones, and many intelligent cooking functions, the FlexiSmart hob takes care of cooking tasks automatically and enhances your cooking prowess. Simply browse through the menu on the intuitive touch-screen TFT for a range of recipes and step-by-step instructions. Using these recipes, the hob will automatically detect and set the exact temperature to prevent spilling or burning. It’s the world’s first induction hob sous chef.

© Grundig

Virtual User Experience Technology (VUX) Hub

The Virtual User Experience Technology (VUX) Hub was a real crowd pleaser at EuroCucina this year. It transforms a common worktop into an interactive controller. The sophisticated control panel blends seamlessly into the worktop with no physical buttons. This makes the surface hygienic and easy to clean. The latest-generation of the VUX Hub now offers a brighter, high-resolution interface, a hidden induction hood, wireless control of smaller kitchen appliances and more cooking zones than ever before.

© Grundig

Corner Wash Technology

The latest Grundig dishwashing technology, known as the Corner Wash system, aims to reach every corner inside the dishwasher and leave every item spotless inside. With three spray arms and specially-designed nozzles, the system ensures no corners are overlooked and everything is thoroughly cleaned and freed from food debris and stubborn stains. Unlike most spray arm assemblies that use circular cleaning geometries, the innovative spray arm utilises a rectangular cleaning pattern. This adjustment provides sufficient wash fluid flow to the outer areas of the dishwasher, ensuring a complete clean.

© Grundig

The key concepts driving EuroCucina 2018 were efficiency and evocation. It’s no secret that our modern kitchens have ceased to be purely functional spaces. They have become domestic hubs, places for get-togethers and socialising. The true heart of the home. This focus on the domestic anchor of the home has lead to wonderfully interconnected and multipurpose advances in kitchen technology recently.

EuroCucina was also the perfect occasion to announce big news this year: Massimo Bottura, the Michelin-starred chef and renowned restaurateur, has officially joined forces with Grundig as its official brand ambassador. In his new role, Bottura will work in close collaboration with the company in an effort to drive forward their shared vision, create new products and help to make people’s kitchens and homes the best place to be.