Grundig professional hand choppers save time (and the day) when an unexpected guest stays to dine

You know the drill. After a day of shopping with your best friend, she comes by for a cup of post retail therapy tea. Before you know it, it’s dinnertime and no one feels like ordering in. Not to worry! With the Grundig Grey Sense CH 6280 G Chopper on hand, an evening of easy entertaining happens quicker than your most recent impulse purchase.

If you fancy beginning an evening of easy entertaining on a sassy note, opt for a tropical salsa made with sweet mango, cool cucumber, cilantro and lime. However, who wants to painstakingly chop all of those ingredients into small pieces by hand (particularly when you have a friend visiting)? Save time (and your fingers!) with the Grundig Grey Sense CH 6280 G Chopper one-hand operation. With this feature you can literally make dinner by only lifting one finger! Say goodbye to the “old fashioned” method of fine chopping in favour of pressing lightly on the top of the appliance.

Once you’ve got a starter in the bag, using the Grey Sense Chopper to prepare the rest of your meal is a no-brainer. You only have to rinse out the BPA-free bowl before preparing an easy arugula and walnut pesto. The Grundig Grey Sense CH 6280 G Chopper’s four stainless steel blades make chopping the pesto’s soft and hard ingredients swift and easy work.

If you’re wondering why the stainless steel blades look so fabulous, it’s because of their tough-as-nails zirconia coating. The finish means not only will the chopper be tough enough to handle the hard nuts now, but will be for years to come!

After your evening of easy entertaining is over, you’ve tried on all of your purchases again, and you’ve run out of excuses to avoid cleaning up, just pop the bowl of the chopper into the dishwasher. The high-gloss finish of the lid is also easy to wipe down with a wet cloth. Last minute dinner drama, begone!

Who needs an unwieldy food processor taking up precious countertop space you have the sleek and minimalist charm of the quartz Grey Sense Chopper?